Exercises for the chest

Looking in the mirror, we first of all pay attention to the harmony of shapes and forms of smartness of the abdomen, thighs and legs, but important role in the attractiveness of women also plays a pretty firm breasts. Unfortunately, we do not just pay attention to the problems that may arise with the feeding, so begin to solve them only when absolutely have nowhere to go. The most effective way to gain fat and elastic form always thought exercise for the chest.

The regular performance of the set exercises for the chest will allow you to adjust its shape, give elasticity and helps to get rid of sagging after breastfeeding. It is known that any moderate exercise a beneficial effect on the body, the body due to them always on our toes, pulled muscles, and the cells are saturated with oxygen. Therefore, exercises to the sternum would be useful not only for the décolleté, but also for the entire body. Also of special exercises for the chest, you can go swimming, because it trains almost all groups of muscles, including chest muscle.

Today we’ll talk about some simple exercises for the chest at home, consider a set of exercises for the chest, aimed at weight loss, as well as learn how to permanently preserve youth and beauty décolleté.

Effective exercises for the chest at home

To order your breasts always been smart and beautiful and had a seductive form, you must give it every day for about 10-15 minutes time to exercise for belly and cleavage. Below we consider the 5 major exercise for the chest, you can easily perform at home.

Exercise 1. You will need a dumbbell or any weighting up to 2 kg. Pick up a dumbbell and spread them apart at chest level, palms up. Move your arms straight ahead and to the sides, without dropping or relaxing them until the end of the exercise. Do it until you feel a strong tension in the muscles of the arms, is strong enough, from the 20-30 repetitions.

Exercise 2. Running sitting on a chair. Keeping your back straight, brings his elbows behind his back as close as possible to each other, and then spread them apart. Repeat about 30 times.

Exercise 3. It gives the elasticity of the chest. Folded hands in front of him, and his elbows apart. Alternate pressure of hands on each other, making an effort, with relaxation. Perform each exercise for 5 minutes.

Exercise 4. Follow the wall. Stand at a distance of about half a meter from her, put his palms, as if the wall falls on you. Very hop off the wall and back “falls” on it. If you wish, you can add clapping before you again rested his hands on the wall. Repeat 20-30 times since.

Exercise 5. This is known to all push-ups with straight legs. Since it is physically difficult, it recommends that the latter, while strong enough to wring out about 10-15 times.

These exercises will give your sternum positive only if they are regular daily performance. They help you become more beautiful and attractive, as well as gain confidence in themselves thanks to a seductive forms. But what if in the neck you notice extra centimeters, which exercises slimming breast in such a case you need?

A set of exercises for weight loss breast

As a rule, exercise for weight loss breast necessary for those who are overweight more than 10 kg. These exercises are used in conjunction with other training aimed at losing weight, so they are very effective. They can be performed on a daily basis, and can be in the form of interval training, ie, 2-3 times a week. Thus, we consider a set of physical exercises for the chest, aimed at weight loss it:

Exercise 1: legs put together, take a dumbbell in your hands and lift overhead. Make quick energetic leaned forward at the same time setting the stage hands behind his back, and then returns to its original position. At the same time, you should have a good warm up and feel a slight pain in the shoulder joint. Perform each exercise for at least 25-30 times.

Exercise 2. Lie on your back, feet resting on a small hill. Lift arms straight up, rotate and turn them left and right, as close as possible to the floor, moving the body slightly to the side, while the legs remain still. You can also raise their hands on one, or doing exercise “scissors” with the crossing of hands in a prone position with or without dumbbells. Repeat the exercise until you feel a strong tension in the muscles of the arms.

Exercise 3. Lie on your back, grab a dumbbell, alternately bend and unbend his hands in front of him lying down, without dropping them to the end of the exercise. In the same position slowly dilute hand in hand, and then up, not touching the floor and not giving your muscles a rest until you feel a strong tension of the muscles.

Exercise 4. Sitting on a chair, grab a dumbbell and lift them turn vigorously up and down, making frequent swings and not stopping for 5 minutes.

How to keep youth and beauty décolleté?

As you know, maintain an attractive shape neckline is not so simple, so no set of exercises for the chest you do not give the expected result if you do not properly care for it.

To begin with, before performing the exercises for the chest you need to buy a special sports bra. It will help prevent the appearance of stretch marks and ligament injury during exercise for the chest.

Once training can take a contrast shower with a variety of special scrubs, masks and other means of pull-up, which gives the tone and elasticity of the breast, making it supple.

Remember that beautiful breasts, as a special part of the female body requires constant training, willpower and perseverance, as well as proper nutrition. Walk always straight, do not slouch and do not tilt the body forward, it is not only ugly, but also harmful for both breasts, and for your posture.

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