Exercises for the muscles of the abdomen and flanks

How to get rid of belly and sides? This is probably the most popular question today. The extra kilos are deposited in these places, forming an unnecessary “lifeline” to the waist. We all want to see in the mirror slim and fit figure. But, alas, this is not always the case. That’s why today we will talk about what exercises for the abdomen and the sides are most effective.

Usually, exercises for the abdomen and the sides focused on the area of ​​the press. But this is not the right approach. To remove the stomach and hips, exercise should be aimed at all groups of muscles waist. It is the upper and lower press, oblique abdominal muscles and upper thigh muscles.

Classic drill press can visually enlarge the stomach. Therefore, all types of loads should not go directly to the abdominal muscles.

Exercises for slimming the waist will be more effective if you join them, and even diet.

Diet to get rid of the abdomen and flanks

The diet should be as close to the right. Exercise for weight loss and abdominal sides can not cope alone. We need to eat the right calories.

Proper breakfast. Do not snack on the go. Breakfast should be thick and hearty. Try to keep these were “slow” carbohydrates (oatmeal, whole wheat bread).

The right snacks. Make it a rule not to snack sandwiches and fruit. Eat 5-6 times a day in small portions. For snacks, you can use dairy products, nuts.

Right lunch. Lunch, too, should be dense. It may consist of first and second dishes. Try this meal consume enough protein. It is not only the meat or fish. Rice and beans also contain a large number of proteins that are easily absorbed by the body than the same proteins from meat or fish.

Correct dinner. Fasting is not necessary in the evening. But also do more harm than good to bring heavy food. Dinner should be light and consist of vegetables that can be baked or steamed.

The exercises for the muscles of the abdomen and flanks

Exercises for the abdomen and the sides, as we have said, should be special. However, they can be performed in the home. If you decide to study at home, you must meet the following conditions:

  • occupy no less than three times per week;
  • Do a minimum of three approaches with small breaks;
  • before exercise to do a little workout to warm up the muscles.

Squats. This exercise is performed from the position of the feet shoulder width apart. It is necessary to turn to bend your knees. Squat need to 90 degrees. Pelvis possible slide back to remove the load from the back and shoulders.

Lunges. Take turns kicking attacks. In this tense muscles of the thighs, buttocks and the press.

The foot on the dais. Put your foot on a bench or support. Climb to the support. My feet, rising and falling like a climb up the stairs.

«Scissors.” Lie on your back. Pull the legs, arms along the body position, palms down. Lift your feet at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from the floor. Then makes feet wide cross-swing, similar to the work of scissors.

«Bicycle». The initial position of the body is the same as in the exercise “scissors.” Then makes kicking motion, like riding a bike. Approaches perform for 30 seconds.

These types of exercises for the abdomen and the sides are working on all muscle groups. The results depend on the duration and intensity of your workout. You can get rid of fat around the waist and sides with the help of intensive training in about three weeks. But it all depends on the number of extra kilos.

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