Exercises for thighs and buttocks

Based on the results of social surveys, the area of the thighs and buttocks, for many, is a member of the three most problematic, giving the palm only to the stomach. Body fat and cellulite here appear particularly active, and go, alas, not so fast. Moreover, the background is often not only wrong nutrition but also a sedentary lifestyle, and hormonal surges. All this leads to the fact that there are hateful “ears” and “orange peel”, buttocks SAG, losing elasticity and precise form. And at some point the “lower ninety” already does not look attractive, even in jeans. What to say then about the appearance in a swimsuit or underwear?

While the problem is not the scale of global catastrophe, you should attend to it. The sooner action will be taken, the less time it will take to return to its former harmony. There is no need to go to the gym, creeping out not buried corpse: a set of exercises for the hips, buttocks and legs is quite feasible at home and do not require any equipment. Need only free time and patience.

What to do for the correction of the thighs and buttocks?

the first thing to understand is that fat always need a common weight. No matter how complex it may be exercises for thighs and buttocks, for weight loss, they alone are not enough. Their principle of action – increased blood circulation in local area and strengthen the muscles. But if not applied other measures, even of systematic exercises for the hips, buttocks and legs will only lead to the recruitment of muscle mass. But not to the disappearance of the extra inches.

a Mandatory condition during the correction of problem areas, including the lower part of the body, is a revision of his own power. Of course, ideally you should switch completely to a healthy diet. But if such a move is too complicated for the first time will be enough to give up grilled, smoked, and also to limit the consumption of sweet and starchy foods, to stop eating four hours before bedtime. Over time, it is advisable to come to count daily caloric intake and stick to the individual values in this matter.

in addition, as already mentioned, the problem of cellulite and fatty deposits in the hips and buttocks lies in the sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, there is need to include physical activity in your schedule. This can be as a sports section to taste and easy Hiking for an hour a day. It is important not to just sit twenty-four hours a day on the spot, the first taking place at your Desk at work or school, then on the couch at home.

And now to the above items add a variety of exercises for thighs and buttocks against cellulite, which is required three times a week for forty to sixty minutes a day. Before the main unit is in the form of warm-up of running in place or series of different jumps. As soon as the perspiration appears, you can move on to the important part.

Complex home exercises for thighs and buttocks against cellulite

Beginners perform twenty repetitions for one approach, taking breaks between each exercise in thirty seconds. As addiction to the load number of sets increases to four, and the number of repetitions to thirty in each. The rest is reduced to fifteen seconds after each even-numbered exercises.

the Foundation exercises for thighs and buttocks for weight loss are squats and lunges are performed with weights or without.

  • Stand up straight, let hands dangle at your sides, feet spread shoulder-length apart, feet parallel to each other. Gently shallow squat while raising the arms and pulling them forward. Palms face down, the body slightly leans forward. Slowly return back.
  • Now in the same position of the foot to deploy the maximum out from your hips, put your hands on the waist. Squat as deep, keeping a flat spine and feeling the tension of the buttocks. Four bills to go down and four to rise to the starting position. Heel from the floor do not come off, breathing is not captured.
  • When doing the following exercises for thighs and buttocks feet you need to put across the width of the pelvis, and the hands hold at the waist. On the exhale, take a step back, putting a foot on a sock, but leaving the bulk of the weight on the front foot. Go down to the formation of a right angle in the knee of the supporting leg: the back at this point is approaching the floor but not touching it, because the knee straight. To stay in this position for four counts and back. Repeat for the other foot.
  • Lie on your back, arms stretched along the body, palms down, legs bent at the knees, feet resting on the floor. On the exhale off the floor the pelvis and lower back, lifting them up so that in the end the weight is on the feet, shoulders, hands and head. From the knees to the chest, smooth the downlink. To stand still for twenty strokes, straining buttocks. Breathe and relax, sinking back.
  • Lie on your left side with the arm bent at the elbow and rests her on the floor. The right hand also rests on the floor in the abdominal area. Exhale as much as possible to raise the pelvis up, leaning on hands and the outside of the left leg. To stand still for ten blows and fall. The same play on the other side.
  • Remaining in the position lying on your side, raise top leg straight up to the formation of the angle of sixty degrees with the lower leg. Sock looks at himself and down. Lower without touching the lower legs, and raise the back. To repeat the same, but with bent in knees legs.
  • Get on all fours, leaning on elbows downward and forming a smooth line from the buttocks to the head. Raise bent leg to the metal and make the spring move it up and down. The same is done for the other foot.
  • Lie on your back, raise legs straight up, pulling the foot. Hands lie along the body. Slowly bend and straighten knees alternately, trying to get the heels to the buttocks. Be completed within minutes.

the Final point in the set of exercises for the hips and buttocks can become Mahi in a vertical position, and then hold the stretch in a sitting position, bending each leg alternately. Better to do it after the active time, because the hamstring muscles will already be warmed up, reducing the risk of injury.

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