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Who among us does not dream of a beautiful and slim figure, elegant slender waist and fit body? It is believed that a small waist – this is the most attractive part of a woman’s body, but unfortunately, it was her most fat is deposited. To avoid this you need to constantly keep fit and do regular exercises for a thin waist.

In the old days the young girls and women use more radical methods to always look decent. To do this they had to wear tight corsets, which tightened up the redness of the skin, because of what might occur even health problems, but those times were. In a society without a corset lady improperly perceived and considered it ill-bred.

Fortunately, those days are gone and now there are many other ways to make the shape of your dreams. Today we look at a number of different exercises for a thin waist and flat stomach, as well as tips to increase their efficiency.

Exercises for the thin waist and flat stomach

In order to obtain slender, smooth and harmonious form, consider the most effective set of exercises to make a thin waist. It consists of 5 basic and simple actions every day which help you to definitely get rid of body fat and significantly become leaner. These exercises for a thin waist for a week a few extra millimeters will be removed, make a flat stomach and increase the elasticity of the skin, and in a month you will have noticeably decreased in volume.

Exercise first. This exercise is the most simple. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, placing the feet parallel to each other. Hands bend your elbows and put it on his head, as much as possible taking them back. At “one” exhale and work out the slope of the body forward so that the right elbow touching left knee. At the expense of “two” become the starting position and inhale. Again, exhale and repeat the same steps for the left elbow. For a start it will be enough to repeat this exercise 10 times for each side, but gradually increase the number of the week the slopes and 30.

Exercise the second. Becomes the starting position – feet shoulder width apart. Then, squeeze hands into fists and put them on the front of the chest, keeping the elbows perpendicular to the body. Makes a double sharp turns first to one and then the other side, keeping with the feet off the floor. Try to keep your posture straight. For this exercise will be enough for 20 repetitions on each side.

Exercise third. Become a starting position and work out tilts forward, alternately touching the floor with each hand, and the free hand should be at the top. Thus, both hands should show a straight line parallel to the body. When tilting the body and rotate towards the lowered arms. Repeat this exercise 20-25 times for each hand.

Exercise fourth. This exercise is performed lying on your back. Bend your elbows, palms down. Bend the left leg at the knee, clasping her hands, and then rotates the hips to the right, trying to get to the floor. Then slowly return to starting position and repeat the exercise for the right leg. Perform each exercise 15 times for each leg.

Exercise fifth. For him, you will need a firm footing. This can be a low chair, bed or sofa. Become a foot of the couch, turning to his right side. Put the straightened right leg on it and take the side of the slope as low as possible in the direction of the feet touching fingers to the feet. Then, in a similar way to bend the leg on which the stand. Repeat the same procedure for the left leg. Exercise is repeated 10 times for each leg.

Exercises to make a thin waist and flat stomach that we just discussed, will help you in the near future to be proud of your body and forget about the extra inches and body fat on the sides.

Tips to increase the effectiveness of exercises for a thin waist

Before adjusting his figures, you need to understand what muscle group should be given special attention, ie the zone in which most fat. In an effort to make the waist thinner, spent primarily exercises on the most problematic areas, strengthen the back muscles, pull your stomach. This can be done with the help of fitness, dance or aerobics.

To increase the efficiency of thin waist exercises for a week before they try to balance and plan your diet, eliminate all “harmful” for the figure products, increase daily physical activity by walking or running. Swing coaches press in this case is not recommended because as you increase the volume of the abdominal muscles and the waist thinner will not.

For best results, all the exercises for a thin waist is best done on a daily basis for at least a month, and then, when the body gets used to a constant load, you can go to training every other day. Be sure to do warm-up before exercise to develop a warm up muscles and joints. It can be easy running or walking in place to rhythmic music.

Do not forget about that thin waist depends not only on regular exercise, proper nutrition in addition, you must adhere to a specific mode of the day. Plan your workout so that the meal does not come for a period of one hour before them, and two hours after them. In the evening, avoid fatty foods, replace it with dairy products and lean meat. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day, keep drinking regime.

By following these steps, along with a set of exercises for a thin waist and a month later you will become the owner of an enviable figure and significantly reduce the amount of body fat. In order to achieve ideal results continue to do the exercises up to six months and do not forget to repeat them periodically to maintain a constant effect.

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