Exercises for waist and stomach

As a rule, we begin to think about the attractiveness of his appearance before the onset of heat and the opening of the beach season. Noticing the extra inches on the waist and body fat on the abdomen, sharply we sit on strict diets and exhausting yourself with endless workouts instead to maintain the shape with regular simple exercises for the waist and abdomen, as well as sports or dancing. After all, to always be in shape and not ashamed of his body, enough to give the daily figure is less than half an hour of their free time.

There are a lot of exercises for slimming waist and abdomen ranging from rock climbing and ending the class with a Hoop. Also suitable for this purpose a rotating disk gymnastic, daily activities which will allow you to make effective twisting exercises. Today we’ll cover the most effective and simple exercises for the waist and flat stomach that you can perform at home at any convenient time.

Exercises for slimming waist and belly at home

Today we look at a set of exercises for the waist and flat stomach, allowing you to obtain your dream figure, not applying to this special effort. Its implementation will require no more than 20-30 minutes a day, and of course, your desire to be slim and attractive. Consider the exercises and the technique of their execution in detail.

Exercise # 1. Stand in starting position – back straight, feet shoulder width apart. Slightly bent knees, place hands in front of you and without taking your feet off the floor, make turns the body alternately left and right. At every turn, fix the position of the body for a few seconds, in order to better engage the obliques. First run in 10 of these exercises for each hand, then increase your pace and the number of turns up to 20-30 times, do it vigorously until you feel pain in the sides. Then let out your breath: put your hands up, inhale and stretch, then exhale lower your arms down.

Exercise # 2. It aims to strengthen the abdominal muscles and burning fat at the waist area and abdomen. For its implementation need to lie on the floor with legs bent at the knees and slightly spread them. Lift your head, close your hands on the back of the head so that the elbows were apart. Using your abdominal muscles lift your shoulder blades off the floor and drag her chin up. Repeat this exercise 20 times, then complicate it by running a few quick springy movements about 8 times. After that, relax your body, stretching his legs and arms.

Exercise No. 3. This exercise is excellent trains the lower abs. Lie on the floor and bend feet in knees and hands position along the body. Try to pull your knees towards your chest, raising only the pelvis and straining the muscles of the lower press. You should not perform this exercise smoothly. Repeat it at least 20 times.

Exercise # 4. The following exercise will enable you to work out the sides and make a beautiful waist. Lie on the floor with legs bent at the knees. One hand position along the body and the other behind the head, lift the head by pulling up the chin. Outstretched hand stretch to the foot, and then return to starting position, repeat the exercise 8 times. After, increase the tempo and repeat this step 8 more times. Repeat the exercise for the other hand in the same order.

Exercise No. 5. This exercise is also performed lying on the floor. Raise legs 30 degrees up and the hands position along the body. Follow the movement of the “scissors” crossing his legs on weight at about 16 times. If this exercise at first will be difficult for you, you can simplify it by reducing the number of repetitions.

What other methods and exercises for thin waist and abdomen can be used?

To consolidate the results of daily complex above, you can also use some individual training and exercises for the waist and abdomen, you can perform periodically. For example, if you have a fitball, you can work on it, strengthening, thus, not only the waist but also the press. But if you like dancing, especially Eastern, then using them can be a good idea to adjust the waist, stomach and hips, training all muscle groups at the same time.

very effective exercises for the waist and abdomen, which are based on direct and inverse twisting. But such training usually allow you to develop muscle that is located in the sagittal region, that is, those muscles that we use when bending forward. To use all the other muscles, include in their training exercises for the development of the frontal and lateral region (when bent back and corners of the case). To effectively carry out bending back to breath, while standing on his knees, then exhale and return to starting position.

There is another very beneficial and simple exercise to slim the waist and abdomen, which is called “Cat”. It helps to put in order the stomach muscles and relax the back muscles. For its implementation need to become on all fours, drowned back down, and then arching it upward, plunging the abdomen and fixing the position for a few seconds. This exercise is sufficient to repeat for 8-10 times in one approach.

the complex of exercises can be supplemented with aerobics, swimming, light Jogging, Cycling or dancing, which will also help to get rid of body fat and to consolidate the result of special exercises for the waist and abdomen. And, of course, do not forget about proper nutrition – try to avoid any junk food and fast food. In 2-3 weeks you will notice that the fat on the belly and waist will gradually go away, and after 2-3 months of regular training you can really be proud of yourself and your figure.

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