Exercises from a double chin

the Relaxation and sagging of the subcutaneous muscles of the neck – platysma – can spoil the impression of even the most beautiful face. The problem of double chin, appearing for this reason, and not only familiar to many women. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows that this can and must be fought.

Of course, the easiest way is to let the situation slide, pleading genetics and other supposedly independent from the fair sex factors. But others initially see the picture, and then listen to or not listen to explanations. And often the first impression may be the only. If you do not want it to be negative, and if there is a desire to enjoy her reflection in the mirror, and not to dream about facelift and neck areas in particular, it is necessary to take itself in hands. There are many exercises from a double chin, which will help in a relatively short time to bring order to the problem area. But the solution to the problem lies not only in gymnastics.

What to do in addition to exercises to remove double chin?

First and foremost, of course, need to work on your posture. It’s actually a very effective method to address many of the imperfections of the figure. Visually it is, of course, fifties clothing size in the forties does not turn, but to give harmony within his power. Oppresses the shoulders lift the chest, stretching the spine without bending it hides sagging belly, a long neck and proud head carriage – negate the emerging second chin. In addition, it gives dignity to every woman by highlighting her in the crowd.

secondly, it is necessary to change the pillow. Quite often the second chin appears not so much from the disrupted diet and excess weight, but from a permanent malposition of the neck. Pillow for sleep should be low and tight, not causing permanent gravitation of the chin to the collarbone. Many do suggest to not sleep on the pillow, and a special cushion for the neck, which perfectly follows the natural bends and relieves the spine. But, unfortunately, this option is not for everyone.

thirdly, you will have to unlearn the habit of always tilting his head. Especially work with documents, a computer and stuff like that. Given the sedentary lifestyle common to more than half of the population, the head position is held for a long time. This leads to a weakening of the muscles, sagging skin, and, as a consequence, creates a habit of always walking with inclined head. That, in turn, leads to the first point: problems with posture. And, of course, to the appearance of double chin.

fourth, what is important for everyone but especially for people whose double chin is an addition to the folds in the back, no waist and “lugs” on the hips. Correction of diet. Overweight always leads to fat in the chin area, and therefore the elimination of this problem is directly related to overall weight loss. Less fatty, fried, starchy foods and sweets. More physical activity, aerobic exercise and fresh vegetables.

And, of course, be sure to check helping to get rid of double chin exercises, pair them with a plan to fight with the enemy.

What exercises against double chin the most effective?

Before you perform exercises for the chin is to stretch its rotational and tilting movements at a slow pace to avoid possible negative effects from working with this area. Such a workout will be enough two-three minutes. And all the following exercises from double chin is no more than a quarter of an hour. And, well, execute them even in the breaks between work. Because they do not need anything except the desire and the short period free of time.

the First exercise is chin – warming. Required to enhance blood circulation in this area and can be performed several times a day. This requires just over a minute to gently Pat the back of his hand under the chin, creating a slight vibration and warmth in the area. You should not get hit too hard, though hammering nails in. Movements easy and Pat as when applying nourishing cream.

the Second exercise for chin is also warming and is a variation of the first. But it needs to be folded several times lengthwise into thick Terry towel and lightly moisten it with water. So take a careful flip flops under her chin for a minute.

helps against double chin exercises resembling movements of a goose and bucket at the same time. Rushing the top of the head up a little to stick out your chin and as much as possible to stretch them forward and down in an arc, as if grabbing something. To complete the arc, returning by lifting and pressing the chin to the neck, the head to its original position. Work at a slow pace, to make forty iterations.

the Top still goes up, the spine is smooth. Push the lower jaw forward and try to pull the lip, twisting it outward. To keep the muscles of the chin in suspense ten strokes, and then relax them. Repeat forty times.

to complicate the previous exercise for chin, trying first to cover the lower lip of the upper in the same position put forward by the lower jaw. And then, again turning lower lip, trying to smile widely. As forty repetitions of each option.

Well suited with the aim to remove double chin exercise is gymnastics for the face – hasbinding. Lips pulling into a tube between them to hold the straw or pencil. Straining the muscles of the chin, draw circles and eights for a minute at a slow pace. Repeat this process three times.

Also will be not superfluous and exercises for chin and working on the cervical spine. To do this, chin propped up on his palm, trying to push him up. At that time, as the chin presses on the palm of his hand, trying to bend down or turn to the side. Minute to execute.

to Include these exercises for chin in his exercises should be daily, preferably working several times a day with the problematic area. After four to five weeks, you will mark the first significant progress towards the goal. Especially if you combine the above complex with the other recommendations.

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