Exercises from gymnastics

Everyone knows the assertion that as the day begins, so spend it. So, to Wake up is with a smile, and immediately begin the activity. But this does not mean that just getting up from the bed, you need to run an errand: the body needs to Wake up. And there’s nothing better in this issue than gymnastics. Exercises aimed to bring the muscles in tone and awakening of all internal systems, perfectly cope with their tasks, giving vigour and improving the health of the body.

in addition, the complex of gymnastic exercises for weight loss will be useful because it will contribute to the enrichment of oxygen and triggering of metabolic processes. This will lead to an increase in the rate of burning calories, which will use during the day, as well as depriving a certain percentage of subcutaneous fat. And, in the end, it is sufficient to overpower itself in the first two weeks subsequently, morning exercises from gymnastics to become a common tradition to start the day.

What you need for morning exercises, and how to spend it?

you first need to take care of the place, which will host the exercises from gymnastics. Space two by two, optimally. And if there is a wall mirror, this will be a great bonus. Despite the fact that the ideal is to feel your body, at first it is necessary to assess the correctness of execution. Particularly it comes to different kinds of tilts and squats.

you will Need a gym Mat which can be replaced with dense, thin blanket. It is needed in order to protect your spine during exercise in the supine position. In particular, different kinds of rifts and boats. In addition, it would be good to have an exercise ball. Exercise for weight loss with the inventory to be more effective than without it, as they increase the load on the muscles.

balls are of two types: small and large. In fact, it’s better to have both, since their purpose is different. Little is commonly used as a weighting agent and is suitable for a variety of exercises with pressure. Large often used in the usual twists, swings and push-UPS, but adds load to all the muscles, because it requires constant balance on it.

Optionally, to run the morning exercises of gymnastics you can take the Hoop.

By the time morning exercise takes about 15-20 minutes. In addition, they are based on the elements of stretching and developing muscles. Strength exercises are excluded. Heart rate kept at the level where the breath remains smooth. After the performance of morning exercises from gymnastics should not be breathlessness, fatigue or other discomfort. If appear these symptoms, the load should be lower.

Gymnastic exercises for weight loss without equipment

the Greater part of gymnastic exercises should be repeated from sixteen to twenty-four times, by breaking them down into eight. In the presence of excess weight they are crushed on the approaches. For physically fit individuals the number of repeats can grow up to thirty-two. The duration of breaks depends on how outta breath: it should always be smooth.

  • In a vertical position to connect together the legs, feet parallel, hands are revealed and constitute a single line with shoulders. On the inhalation, raise to toes, leaving
    the weight on the inside of the foot, and hands to tend to the ceiling. Exhale to lower.
  • In the same position, but turning the foot so that the angle between them was 90 degrees, put his hands on your waist. On the exhale, shallow seat, spreading her knees to the side, inhale to return.
  • to Put your feet in width of the pelvis, the left hand rests on the side, right to let dangle at your sides. Slowly lean to the right, sliding your hand on the leg down and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat same to the left.
  • Accept the position that was used for the second exercise from gymnastics. To make smooth turns of the torso to the side until it stops, leaving the bottom of static.
  • to Sit on the buttocks, legs together, feet on, hands to rest behind his back. On the exhale, bend the knees and pull to chest. On the inhale to return back.
  • Get on all fours, leaning on hands. The chin and the back parallel to the floor. Raise one leg, straightening the knee and forming a line with the spine. Smoothly return it back and repeat the same for the other foot.
  • Lie on your stomach, put your hands behind your head. Exhale to tear the chest and legs off the floor, bend your back, to stay for four counts and fall.
  • to kneel, put your hands on your stomach to stretch as high up as possible. Gently bend your back, leaning backwards, trying to get a top five. Slowly return to the upright position.

Gymnastic exercises for weight loss with the ball

Below are as gymnastic exercises, which make use of a small exercise ball, and those where the required large fitball. They are quite simple in execution, but puts an additional burden on the muscles.

  • Good exercise from gymnastics to weight loss involves your abdominal muscles and legs, strengthening them and tightening. To sit on buttocks, stretch your legs in front of him, holding between them the ball, hands to dissolve in hand. On the exhale, raise the legs together until the formation of a floor angle of sixty degrees. Simultaneously, the hands pushing forward, over his knees. On the inhale to return to its original position.
  • Now you need to lie on your back, stretch your legs to the fingertips and hands to let to lie along the body, one of them to take the ball. On the exhale, bend at the waist, lifting her from the floor and holding the ball under her other arm.
  • To the last exercise from gymnastics, you will need a large ball. You must lie down on his stomach so that the toes rested on the floor. His hands lay behind his head and on the exhale, raise the chest, caving in the back and bringing the shoulder blades together. On inhale, fall back.

to Conclude the morning complex of gymnastic exercises for weight loss preferably water treatments that will harden the body and will lead to tone the skin. In addition, they prevent the appearance of cellulite and give courage.

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