Exercises from the lugs on the hips

Perhaps you heard, and maybe themselves faced with such a serious female problem as the lugs on the hips. After all, they can appear not only in obese women, but the pretty skinny girls. The fact that the angular protrusions on the outer side of the thighs is accumulated in the body fat that is concentrated in one place, so to get rid of it is not so easy.

the defect is very easy to notice, especially when the girl looks at herself in the mirror from behind. In addition, with age the ears begin to grow, causing an unpleasant pain when lying down on side, and, of course, spoil the appearance and mood of their owner. Therefore, in order to get rid of such troubles you can use special exercises from the lugs on the hips.

Today we talk about the causes of angular projections on our sides, but will also consider exercises from the lugs on the hips, which will help you to say goodbye to this problem, will give confidence and its former appeal.

How exercises to remove tabs on the hips? Causes

the Main causes of the lugs on the outer surface of the thighs are physical inactivity, sedentary lifestyle, lack of mobility during the day, as well as improper nutrition. To resolve this popular women’s problem through exercises against the lugs on the hips, Jogging, swimming, or any moving sport.

Let’s try to understand why from the point of view of the anatomy of the girl can receive the lugs or breeches, as they are called. The fact that a person has two types of adipose tissue: surface (or functional) and standby (or deep). When food comes in too many calories, and the body has no time to spend on core functions, he is forced to store fat in the superficial subcutaneous tissue. This way the extra inches around the waist and abdomen as well as pads breeches on the thighs.

However, a proper diet for getting rid of this problem is insufficient. Diets and food restrictions are effective only if sports and regular physical exercise, because they are directed only to the reduction of surface layer of fat. In this case, the output is obvious – exercise against the lugs on the hips. Also a very nice addition to the exercises from the lugs on the hips, consider Jogging on rough terrain or on an inclined surface.

let us Consider how to exercise to remove the lugs on the thighs at home, not applying to this special effort, because the time, frequency, and load in your workouts you can choose for yourself, gradually increasing the duration and intensity of exercise.

Effective exercises from the lugs on the hips for women

For convenience, all the exercises from the lugs on the hips divide into 4 groups. They can be run both in the morning and in the evening, following a regime of proper nutrition and sleep.

the First group of exercises:

Lie on your side with legs bent at a right angle relative to the torso. Head back hand. Inhale and on the exhale lift one leg up, pulling the toes toward you. Then slowly lower your leg. Don’t forget to keep your back and legs smooth.

do Not just lift the leg too high, the amplitude, the speed of the swing foot and the number of lifts increase gradually, so as not to have any pain. Enough to start 15-20 repetitions for each leg. After running make stretching of the muscles. Sit in the Lotus position, cross-legged and doing exercises the butterfly.

the Second group of exercises:

Stand at a distance of half a meter from the Desk, lean on his hands from the push-UPS. Keep your backs straight and your stomach tight, with not much forward lean. Exhale and bring one leg out to the side parallel to the floor units, lock onto. At the top inhale and then exhale slowly lower your leg down. Alternate and repeat for 20-25 times for each leg. Over time, complicate the task yourself, putting on the table the elbow and completing the exercise in this position.

the Third group of exercises:

Perhaps, the most effective and simple exercise from the lugs on the hips, consider jumping. However, it’s not just the jumps. You have to make about 100 jumps per day from the reduced legs, without straightening his knees. You must also do at least 50 jumps, during which you can raise the legs. The jumping squats should be repeated at least 50 times during the day, and jumping rope – at least 200 times. After executing the jumps lie on your back and slightly lift the pelvis. At the highest point of the rise with energy and effort and do this with your squeeze glutes at least 30 times. Repeat the exercise, putting one foot to the other. When performing these exercises try to control the load and do not overexert.

the Fourth group of exercises:

For this you need to stand on all fours and to move the center of gravity to one side so that the left hand was in front of your right knee and your right hand further to the right. This is your starting position. Lean torso to the right as if going to sit on the right leg. Left leg raise in this case parallel to the floor, holding the foot in the same way. Return to the starting position. Then repeat the tilting of the torso to the left, raising the right leg. This exercise must be performed at least 30 times for each side. Once you get used to this exercise, let’s complicate it. Stand in a starting position, but move your foot to the side and up so to get the angle of 45 degrees.

the Presented set of exercises are incredibly effective in order to quickly and easily get rid of the lugs on the hips. However, if in addition to these, you will be engaged in fitness, aerobics or swimming, and eat right, then the result will not keep itself waiting.

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