Exercises from yoga for weight loss

Starting to wonder finding different yoga exercises for weight loss, it should be remembered that such classes are not the same fitness or a similar physical activity. And it’s not even that the body does not get tired in the process to the extent that this occurs, for example, in the gym. Just yoga is not only physical activity, but also a special internal state, which is also sure to catch. There are no elements on the principle of “faster, higher, stronger”. Technically true it is important to work out and at the same time, not feel discomfort.

However, despite the seeming complexity and philosophic, slimming exercises from yoga fit, no less than from aerobics. Over the last month with regular participation, you can lose four to five pounds, that is not an exhausting workout very well. Moreover, even after achieving the desired effect, it is better not to drop the class altogether. Simply reduce their number to a minimum: one or two a week. Despite the fact that during the weight loss should work through the day or on a daily basis.

How to do the exercises of yoga for weight loss?

Body before class to be prepared. This applies to many moments. First and foremost, you should not proceed with the yoga exercises in the morning, when the brain is barely capable of encroachments into the shower and into the kitchen, desperately wanting a Cup of strong coffee. But before the sleep is better not to perform asanas: at least an hour and a half or two before lights out.

Secondly, immediately after a meal should not do. The stomach should be relatively empty: two to three hours break will be enough for food subsided. This is because yoga implies control of diaphragmatic breathing and, therefore, will have to strain the abdominal muscles. To reproduce this with a full stomach is very difficult.

Third, the atmosphere should have a comfortable work. If it is not possible to do in the fresh air, open the window. Not superfluous and light relaxing music. Clothes should not hamper the movements, and others should not distract in the process. In addition, it is important to remember one thing: yoga is a positive emotion. That is, any discomfort or pain during the performance of asanas should arise. That it differs from usual physical activity where the muscle discomfort is the norm. And overload yourself in the first session is undesirable: the rate increases with time. Even if it slightly extends the period of weight loss, as it may seem initially.

Now, after studying the basic principles, you can do the parsing exercises of Hatha yoga make of them a small block for beginners, which is enough for the first time.

Set of yoga exercises for beginners

Absolutely any set of exercises of yoga for weight loss or other goals – it starts with a fairly simple asana that helps you get to work and relax. For this you need to stand straight with feet close and foot positioning parallel to each other. Top pulled up, hands calmly lowered along the body, palms turned inwards. The thighs are strained, the center assembled. In this situation, you should stand a minute and a half or two, depending on anywhere in front of him and quietly making a breath.

  • certainly a valuable exercise from yoga for those who are the bulk of the time, this asana snakes. In addition, it promotes elimination of excess body fat, and relaxes the spine and relieves lower back pain. To lie on her stomach, and then leaning on hands, put on both sides of the chest, straighten your elbows, lifting your upper body off the floor. Lower from the hips to the lifts – lying on the floor. Possible to bend back on the exhale, continuing to stretch up to the ceiling. The shoulders go down and head slightly throws. To stand on eight hits and back. Repeat five to seven times.
  • For the execution of the following exercises of Hatha yoga need to stand up straight, spread his legs even harder than shoulder-width apart, and lean forward. The back is not rounded, and remains even. Hands reach for the floor, putting his whole palm. Buttocks fed back and try to go as far as possible. Keep the pose for a minute, knocking the breath. Go back and repeat three to five times.
  • the Following exercise is included in the complex of yoga for beginners, similar to a classic squat, but is static. Feet shoulder width apart, arms crossed on the chest, the spine is smooth again. Slightly bend your knees, forming an obtuse angle, and freeze in this position for a minute. Three to five repetitions.
  • Another exercise from Hatha yoga begins in the same position as the previous one. But now you do not have to bend your knees. Instead, you need to sit up to toes, in an effort by the crown to the ceiling and shoulders, facing, pulling to the ground. Freeze for a minute, continuing to breathe. To fall back on. Three to five times.
  • Effective exercise of yoga will appeal to those who are dissatisfied with their abdomen. Lie on your back, place arms along the body palms down, press the lower back to the floor. Off the floor slightly bent at the knees and lift them so that the socks looked behind your head and knees were on the level of the person. Hold on a minute, knocking the breath. To fall back on. The same three to five repetitions.

The final exercise of yoga, like the previous one, but it is rather familiar from childhood with the “birch”. Still lying on her back, to pull together legs up, severing the pelvis from the floor and propping his hands. The toes tend to the ceiling. Abs and legs are tense. Stopping for a moment and return to starting position.

For maximum effect, it is recommended that in addition to performing yoga exercises for beginners or experienced people to reconsider your diet, walking more in the fresh air and move. Also, do not want to be and join the sports section, if you have a craving for a certain direction. Two lessons a week will help to maintain the shape and give a good mood and cheerfulness.

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