Exercises on the fitball for losing weight

Bright colored balls, conspicuous in many of the fitness rooms are gaining the attention of customers and gain popularity. Use the fitball is possible not only in the gym but also at home. Simply pick up at the ball, sketch a set of exercises and start training. Such training will be no less effective than under the coaching guidance.

a Distinctive feature of the exercises on the fitball is that in addition to the active muscles and more quickly achieve the effect of correction, these studies strengthen the muscular system and heals the spine. In addition, they train the vestibular apparatus, and just give a good mood. To deal with fitball is possible for both adults and children: for the latter there are even special balls with handles and a smaller diameter.

And how correctly to make exercises on the fitball for weight loss adults are described below.

What to consider when choosing an exercise ball?

Today, the sports shops offer exercise balls in any color and size, but in addition to these two criteria there are several important points. But first, though, about the diameter of the ball.

Here are all very simple: from your height in centimeters you want to take the number 105. The resulting value will be equal to the required diameter fitball. That is, for the growth of 160 cm will fit a ball with a diameter equal to 55 cm, and for the growth of 180 cm – the ball with a diameter equal to 75 cm in addition, the correctness of the chosen size, it is easy to check already at home, inflating the fitball and sit on it. If the perpendicular legs and the floor in the knee creates a right angle, then the required diameter of the ball is defined correctly.

the Next moment is one of the technical characteristics of the fitball: is the speed of deflation. When buying you should look for on the package label “ABS”. She says that even if there is an accident, resulting in the formation of the puncture, the exercise ball will not burst, providing the body a close acquaintance with the floor, and will gradually deflate. Such a precaution can protect from the risk of injury or even injuries.

Set of exercises on a fitball slimming

it Should be noted that any exercise on a fitball will load almost all the muscles. This is due to the fact that even simply sitting on the ball requires balance, which causes the body to be in a state of tension. But because even the most simple items that used to be done without the ball for fitness, will now become more efficient and complex.

Among the variety of exercises on the fitball particular demand are those that focus on strengthening legs, stomach and back. The most effective and simple to implement for beginners will be given below. But before embarking on a complex exercise on the fitball for weight loss, you want to make a short workout to work out all the joints from head to toe and jump performances of lightweight sweats. This will help to warm up the body, reducing the risk of injury.

Each element must be repeated at least twenty times. Number of sets – two or three at intervals of half a minute.

the Block of exercises on the fitball crunches:

  • Lie back on the ball so that the emphasis fell on the lumbar region of the spine. Hands cross on the chest, legs bent at the knees at a right angle and put on the floor. On the exhale lift the head and shoulders, reaching the lower bones of the ribs to the pelvis. To stay in the point by eight strokes, and slowly sink back.
  • the Following exercise on the fitball is also performed in the supine position, but now on the ball lying calf and heel. Knees still bent at a right angle, the torso is fully on the floor, hands to make a head. Elbows bent in different directions. Exhale to pull the shoulder blades off the floor for fifteen to twenty centimeters, stopping in this position for eight beats and return.
  • without changing the original position for the torso, legs bent at the knees and put on the floor. Between knees, hold the fitball, feeling the tension of the inner thigh. Slowly lift legs up and then slowly lower.
  • the Last exercise on the fitball crunches involve and thighs. Sitting on the buttocks, tilt your body back and lean on the elbows. Pull the legs and ankles clamped between the fitball. Slowly raise the legs with the ball before the formation with the floor angle of sixty degrees and slowly return them to the horizontal position.

Block of exercises on the fitball for buttocks and thighs

  • Lie on the ball so that it was chest and solar plexus. Hands rested palms to the floor, do not bend your elbows, head down. Feet touch floor with fingertips. Slowly raise one leg as much as possible. And slowly return back. Repeat for the other foot.
  • Then perform the second variation of the previous exercises on the exercise ball, rolling the ball with the chest on the stomach. Now on the ball are the pelvis and lower abdomen. Actions for feet similar.
  • Squats with a fitball, hands clenched in front of chest, approximately the same as squats with dumbbells. Feet should be placed shoulder width apart, feet parallel. Squats to make shallow and slow.
  • Now you need to lie on your back, to hold the fitball and make them behind your head. Raise both hands and feet, passing the ball from first to second. Taking inventory of his legs and firmly gripping his straining buttocks and thighs, lower legs on the floor. To reproduce the same algorithm in the opposite direction.
  • Remaining to lie on your back, draw your heels on an exercise ball, as in the second exercise on the fitball for the press. Slowly raise the pelvis up to the formation of a single line from the knees to the chest and stand still for ten accounts. Slowly sink back.

Block of exercises on the fitball for the back and shoulder:

  • Lie on the exercise ball, belly, hands and feet rest against the floor. On the exhale, creating a smooth line from one set of fingertips to the other actively trying to stretch myself. To keep balance on the ball for eight beats. Smoothly return to the starting position.
  • Now you need to lie on the fitball chest, hands and feet placed on the floor. Carefully start to make “steps” with your hands moving forward. In the final, the ball must be under the outer arches. To stay in this position for eight strokes, and gradually move back.
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