Exercises with expander butterfly

the Expander of the type “butterfly” is not as well known as his older version, which is a common elastic band with hard handles I had in the days of the Soviet Union. “Butterfly” – a tool more new. It has a hard case and looks like the infinity sign with breaks and slightly bent from the middle. Usually quite durable, but flexible body, covered with dense rubber that does not allow inventory to slip from his hands, and at the same time providing a comfortable location in the hand and not only.

This device is not less universal than its older brother and allows you to use almost all the muscles from chest to feet. In addition, it has a high price, and therefore is available for purchase to anyone. In addition, as the Soviet equivalent, the simulator “Butterfly” does not require a large free space. But because it is one of the best options for home strength training.

Run with the simulator “Butterfly” exercise for any muscle is quite simple, and, remarkably, they can simply complement the already familiar elements, increasing their effectiveness. For example, this exercise, both giving legs to the side, lying on your side, getting a reaction in the form of trainer, downloads stronger thigh muscles, firming and pumping them. So the desired effect can be obtained faster. Especially effective are the exercise with “butterfly” on inner thighs, help you quickly eliminate body fat in this zone.

Below is a set of exercises, with a large “Butterfly” for women that focuses on different muscle groups and for the sake of convenience divided by blocks. The total duration of training should be about half an hour. Classes are held at least twice a week. You can include the following exercises with the “Butterfly” in the morning exercises, choosing from a set two or three particularly liked. To begin a complex is recommended with aerobic warm-up, and complete the short stretch.

Exercises with expander Butterfly for the chest, shoulders and back

All the elements of this block are executed at a slow pace with twenty repetitions and a thirty-second break after each exercise. With the appearance of pain in the spine is recommended to stop the activity, as it signals the incorrect technique.

  • Stand up straight, feet parallel and connected, smooth spine, the lower back does not bend, shoulders down, stomach in. Hands up so that brushes were at the level of the collarbones, and his hands formed the “house”. Between them is clamped the base of the expander, elbows and forearms lie on his side, looking down. With the effort of folding “wings” of the inventory, bringing the elbows together, and gradually breed back.
  • To the next exercise “Butterfly” to raise up, holding the edges of the “wings”. Slowly compress them, folding together, pulling the wrist to each other. Slowly return to the starting position. Elbows during the execution of this element do not bend. The farther the hands get from the body, the higher the load on them.
  • In this exercise “Butterfly” one “wing” is pressed all the way to the front of the thigh, touching his middle (base) region of the waist. The arm from the elbow to the wrist lies on top of the other “wing”. The palm looks down. Slowly compress the “wings”, trying to extend the top to the bottom, folded them, and slowly return back. Repeat the same for the other hand.

Exercises with the simulator “Butterfly” and thighs and buttocks

the Number of repetitions of this block can reach 30-40 due to data loading zones. Rest between sets should not exceed thirty seconds, the number of sets is two and above. Over time, the number of repetitions can be increased to four hundred.

Experienced sportsmen is recommended to protect the knees with special knee pads, because in some exercises with the “Butterfly” the pressure will go from the knees that can lead to bruises in this place.

  • Lie on your side with the bottom arm to prop up the head, top positioning in front of him at chest level. For the exercise “Butterfly” to put between the legs so that it would open in the side with stop, and his wings were in contact with the inner surface of the thigh. With the force of gripping legs, trying to touch the knees to each other. Gently return the leg to its original position. Forty times on each side.
  • same drill with the simulator “Butterfly”, but in a little more than the Lite version, played when bent in knees legs and stretched over the feet.
  • Now you need to sit on a chair, knees bent at a right angle, feet placed on the floor, back to straighten. Expander to hold the edges of the “wings”, placing it between his knees to open up. Slowly compress the inventory, trying to fold it in the crease, and slowly expand back.
  • Sit on the floor, feet to determine under the couch for stiffness, legs dissolve in hand and bend slightly at the knees. Keep the spine flat, not bend and not to slant our. To practice the “Butterfly” clamp between the thighs of the base to itself, to open it in the direction of stop. Not using your hands, squeeze the “wings”, keeping the knees at a slow pace. Also decompress your back.

the Following exercise with “Butterfly” is a variation of the reverse crunch. Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees and slightly set to the side, holding between them the end of one “wing”. At the end grab hold of, and so that the base staring at the ceiling, there is disclosed a simulator down. On the exhale lift the legs, trying to squeeze the “wings” together and pulling your knees to your chest. On the inhale return them back.

With regular performance of these exercises, with a large “Butterfly” for women after three to four weeks, you will notice the first major change in her figure. Muscles are strengthened and tightened, fat will start to decrease. In the future you should include exercises with “Butterfly” in the morning exercises to keep the body in good shape.

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