Exercises with expander for women

Expander or rubber shock absorber known from the Soviet times when it was present in almost every home, along with the “disk health”. The years go by, and exercises with the expander remains one of the simplest options home load for muscles of chest and hands. Even if this inventory is not finished or has never been the same, buy it is not so difficult: the price of the bike attractive to all sections of the population. In addition, in order to work with him, you do not need a lot of space.

Sometimes, the expander replaces the usual elastic band, as the principle of their action is similar. When stretching, it creates the effect of countermeasures, and, therefore, complicates any exercise, stronger loading involved in the work of the muscles. This especially applies to various kinds of dilutions of a hand-to-hand and abduction of the free leg of the reference.

This is one of the best home strength training equipment and the achieved result, and on financial investments and no special requirements. In addition, to engage with the expander can both sexes and almost all ages. You can not say, for example, about training with dumbbells. And what kind of exercise bike for women is best performed, will be explained below.

Block of exercises with the chest expander for chest muscles and arms

the fair sex especially useful will be the exercises with the chest expander for chest muscles, allowing you to tighten the “upper ninety”, freeing them from sagging, to give a beautiful shape and slightly increase the girth of the chest. Implement all the elements required at a moderate pace and 20-25 times for one approach to be able to exercise muscles. In parallel, work will include hands that will adjust the area of the forearms and increase their strength. This is useful not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a practical one, because weak hands even a laptop for a long time with them not sweep or packages of products.

Before the beginning of the exercise with chest expander it is necessary to jump or dance, to warm up the body. You can do a light workout by the rotational and tilt movements from neck to toe. After the appearance of perspiration, you can take up main inventory.

  • to Get the heels to the middle of the expander, feet together and parallel to each other. Hands down your sides and grasp the ends of their inventory. On the exhale, slowly lift the brush up, wrists out, hold bent elbows near the body. On the inhale slowly return them back. During this exercise, with the expander should maintain perfect spine position and keep your stomach sucked.
  • Hands holding them by the ends of the expander to raise above the head, elbows do not bend. On the exhale lift your hands as much as possible in hand, dropping them down to a single line. On the inhale again together. Keep your back straight, feet shoulder width of the pelvis.
  • Now take the same position as for the lunge: one leg with 70% weight in front, knee at a right angle; the other leg extended behind and standing on the toes, knee straight. Under the heel of the front leg – the middle of the expander, the ends are in the hands. On the exhale bend the elbows, raising his hands up your sides, taking the elbows back. On the inhale to return back. The body is not tilted.
  • For the execution of the following exercises with an expander for women will need to put legs to each other, on the toe of one of them to put on the end of the expander, and the leg bent at the knee, placing the toes and covering her knee of the supporting leg. The other end of the expander is in the same hand, while the elbow is raised to shoulder level and bent, and the brush is pressed against the shoulder. On the exhale, straighten the elbow, throwing out hand diagonally upward, simultaneously removing the same leg with the other end of the expander to the side until the full straightening of the knee. On the inhale return to the starting position and repeat the same for the other side.

Block of exercises with the chest expander for your leg muscles, buttocks and the press

exercising with an expander for the lower body and the abdominal area is in demand not less, than those that focus on arms and chest muscles. In this case, their indisputable advantage is the fact that the effect of the counter increases the number of calories burned, stronger muscles straining. And therefore body fat in the region of the stomach, or thighs will be much more to melt. To perform all of the following elements should be 25-30 reps at a moderate pace.

  • Get on all fours, leaning on his elbows and his head tilted down. Knees bent at right angles, to the feet attached to the ends of the expander. Exhale to lift one leg, straightening the knee slightly, and setting the stage for a second, letting as much as possible up. Four shock spring movements rocking her up and down with small amplitude, and then return back. Repeat for the other leg. The spine during the exercise is not to bend.
  • To the next item you will need any stationary support, for which you can hook the middle of the expander. Its ends must be attached to the feet. Lie on stomach, arms extend forward and connect to the brushes. Slowly raise legs, bending them at the knees and reaching the heels to the buttocks. Slowly lower back. To repeat the same, but alternately for each leg.
  • Lie on your back with feet put on the foot ends of the expander to raise straight up. On the exhale, raise them in an arc as much as possible in hand, dropping down as much as possible. To stay in the same position the inverted cross of the twine eight times trying to get them down even lower and then slowly return back, sleeping together. Forty repetitions.

Now, as in the second exercise from block, you need to fix the middle of the expander for any fixed support, and the ends of the foot. But you should lie down on your back, placing hands along the body. On the exhale, raise the straight leg up to full vertical, the breath to drop back. Repeat the same alternately for each leg. Lower back does not bend.

by Performing these exercises with the chest expander for women three times a week for twenty minutes, by including them in the total complex of their training, a few weeks later, it will be possible to fix the first significant results. After reaching the required parameters, the expander can be continued in a less intensive mode.

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