Fast diet “-10 kg”

If you have an urgent need to lose weight fast diet -10 kg – this is the right decision. But you must be prepared for the fact that the diet as much as possible reduced, greatly reduced calorie consumed products, and carbohydrates in general are excluded from the menu.

Diets that do not contain carbohydrates, are the most effective. But they are very hard to bear. At the same time should be excluded from the diet of bread, fruit, cereal, smoked products and sweets. You can drink green tea without sugar and pure mineral water without gas.

During fast diets of 10 kg required to comply with an adequate water regime. The day should eat at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water, and before every meal you should drink one glass of plain water. This will help avoid constipation.

Menu fast diet minus 10 kg

This diet is designed for 10 days. At the same time we should not forget about proper water regime & nbsp; and the exclusion of carbohydrate foods. On the first day you need to eat five hard-boiled eggs. Their use is necessary to start from ten in the morning, and every two hours is required to eat one egg.

During fast diet minus 10 kg for the second day will have to eat boiled fish with no added salt. Allowed to use mackerel. Also, all of the food is required to start using from ten o’clock in the morning, and every two hours.

On the third day you should use boiled chicken breast, and without salt. On the fourth day to eat boiled potatoes, and on the fifth day – lean ham or beef in an amount of 0.5 kg.

During fast diet of 10 kg on the sixth day should eat all kinds of fruits, except bananas. On the seventh day – vegetables. Ninth day to devote only kefir and clean ordinary water. A tenth day – need to drink a decoction of rose hips.

It is recommended to eat after a certain amount of time, and all the food to be distributed to five or six receptions. This makes it easier to shift your diet diet. The most serious is considered the first two or three days. But gradually the body will be reconstructed on the new system of power that have a positive effect on your state of health.

In order to better move fast diet 10 kg, you should often organize walks in the fresh air and take water treatments, as well as not to overwork. You also need to remember and a gradual withdrawal from the diet. The best option is considered, if the output will last at least one week. Otherwise, you will immediately begin to gain weight quickly.

Menu buckwheat and lemon

The use of buckwheat and lemon is considered all-season procedure for weight loss. The main components of dietary serves buckwheat and lemon juice, which is diluted ordinary clean water. With this diet you can lose weight by seven kilograms over 10 days.

Why is lemon juice? The fact is that it facilitates the rapid cleavage of fat cells, especially in combination with buckwheat. Lemon juice significantly increases the efficiency of fast diet for 10 days, and also reduces your appetite, activates all the metabolic processes in the human body.

It should be noted that before eating a meal one glass lemon juice can burn up to 400 kcal for a further hour. Therefore, if you eat buckwheat, combined with lemon or lemon juice, will be able to achieve great results in weight loss.

Fast diet for 10 days, calculated on the daily consumption of the same products throughout the feeding period. For breakfast, it is recommended to drink one glass of water with lemon juice (a teaspoon of fresh juice) and eat a hundred grams of boiled buckwheat.

At lunch you need to eat a hundred grams buckwheat porridge with a cup of black tea with lemon sugar. For dinner, it should also be consumed buckwheat, three slices of lemon with sugar and a glass of water. With this diet, you can not only lose weight, but also significantly improve the circulatory system.

Fast diet to lose weight 10 kg

Fast diet to lose weight at 10 kg or diet astronauts – one of the most difficult, but effective. Many astronauts used it before the flight into space. The basic diet comprises protein products. This eliminates all the food that is rich in fiber.

The very diet lasts twenty days, but if desired, it can be shortened to 10 days. During this time, you can reduce your weight up to 20 kg (if the diet food lasts 20 days). Such a system power can be carried out only once a year.

A diet fast diet 10 kg consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast you can drink a cup of yogurt or a cup of coffee without sugar, and eat one boiled egg.

At lunch should be eaten boiled chicken, but not more than 150 g, 0.5 liters broth, coffee without sugar and a cup of yogurt. As a dinner suit low-fat cottage cheese (200 g).

It is important to note that the resort to fast diet 10 kg can not be the people who celebrated the plague or other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, low hemoglobin, or other problems with the composition of the blood. It is also not recommended to apply strict diet in diabetes, bulimia, and other diseases that require regular medication.

You should also remember that the results of quick diets are considered to be short-lived. If no further ensure a correct and balanced diet, after two weeks your body fully recover the lost weight.

Fast Diet 10 kg are considered to be effective only when the person begins to completely rebuild your diet, that is, as an initial step in the fight against excess weight. Become more effective dietary long days.

The most harmless and the best option fast diets – this alternation of conventional and fasting days. In the fasting days allowed to eat only vegetables and fruit. You can drink water or fruit juice. In a typical diet should eliminate from your diet flour products, fatty and sweet foods. You can eat dairy products, cereals, chicken and fish.

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