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Everyone knows that quality weight loss – weight loss long. And the safest diet – proper nutrition. But, unfortunately, sometimes in life there are times when you need a “magic wand”, drove a good five kilograms per week. You may need to show off a new dress, or maybe just to give yourself a push for further changes to reduce the volume of the stomach. In such difficult cases come to the aid quick diet for 7 days allow to lose up to 5 kg.

Efficient and fast diet “for 7 days – minus 5 kg»

Thus, in the power supply system are painted, there are four meals, between which must be relatively uniform. If between them there was a strong sense of hunger, allowed to eat a handful of almonds or raisins, a couple of dates, dried apricots or prunes a bit. But this snack to be held not earlier than one hour after the meal, and an hour before her.

Drink every day for at least one and a half liters of still water. After seven o’clock in the evening I do not eat anything. Before starting the diet should be one kilogram of beans soak overnight in the morning boil it without salt. This bean will be present in the daily diet at least once.


  • Have breakfast hundred grams portion of cottage cheese. You can add to it a little cinnamon and raisins, or a spoonful of honey. Please add herbal tea.
  • Lunch consists of a handful of dried fruit.
  • Dine hundred grams a piece of boiled fish, to add to her lettuce and tomato close.
  • Supper hundred grams portion of beans and carrot and cabbage salad.


  • At breakfast – hundred grams cup of natural yogurt with cornflakes, not glazed and do not have any additives. Sold in pharmacies.
  • At lunch take a large orange.
  • For lunch cook brown rice (50 g), to connect with baked in foil hundred grams slice of low-fat beef.
  • To file a dinner salad and sauerkraut hundred grams portion of beans. Herbal unsweetened tea.


  • At breakfast, tea or coffee without sugar, two of toast, 30 g of low-fat cheese.
  • Lunch – 150 g of steamed dried fruit.
  • Lunch – salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, 100 grams of boiled beans.
  • Dinner – a couple of boiled potatoes, beans again (100 g) and tomato juice.


  • Have breakfast herbal tea and a portion of Greek salad.
  • At lunch take a couple of kiwi and tangerine.
  • Dine vegetable soup (150 g) slice of rye bread and a piece of cooked lean meat.
  • At dinner hundred grams portion of beans and salad.


  • In the morning a couple of boiled eggs and toast. Herbal tea.
  • Lunch – a medium-sized pear and an apple.
  • For lunch eat hundred grams portion of beans for her beetroot and apple salad, tomato juice.
  • For dinner, a glass of kefir. You can add some dried fruit.


  • For breakfast – hundred grams portion of oatmeal on the water, coffee or tea without sugar.
  • On Lunch – grapefruit.
  • Dine hundred grams portion of beans and buckwheat porridge on the water.
  • To make a dinner carrot salad with sour cream, steamed piece of trout (150 g).


  • On the morning of glazed curd cheese, unsweetened herbal tea or coffee, a handful of dates.
  • Lunch – hundred grams mixture of almonds and raisins, or jelly with natural cherry juice.
  • The lunch is served a slice of boiled skinless chicken breast (150 g), salad of cabbage.
  • Supper hundred grams portion of beans with dried tomatoes, sesame seeds and lettuce.

Two key advantage of such a quick diet “for 7 days minus 5 kg,” lies in the fact that it is balanced with respect to the menu, do not exclude themselves from any proteins or fats or carbohydrates. And therefore it allows the body to get energy for life. In addition, four meals here, what about the abuse of a healthy diet. Especially at a fairly low calorie diet is to eat more often.

This effective and fast diet for 7 days really lets lose up to 5-7 kg, and, importantly, it does not exclude the possibility of a specific physical activity. Women who follow a similar method of weight loss, daily walking for a couple of hours on the street briskly. Weight really care and the subsequent compliance with the basics of good nutrition, not try to come back.

What other quick weight loss diet for 7 days?

Certainly, the number of diets allow to lose weight in a week, it has already exceeded a few dozen. But there are some of the most effective methods, however, are not always harmless. Many of them involve significant cuts caloric intake below the occupational exposure limits. Part of the forces to eliminate two of the three components of the energy value, making such a system supply or protein, or carbohydrate. All this is fraught with imbalances within the body, a violation of the digestive system and other important systems. Therefore every diet has a number of contraindications, and before sitting down on it, it is required to discuss your health with your doctor.

Pretty simple quick weight loss diet for 7 days based on the principles of the mono diets. It offers a week to alternate some products are as follows:

  • Monday – unsweetened apple.
  • Tuesday – cooked without salt or steamed sea fish.
  • Wednesday – any vegetables, except potatoes, both raw and boiled.
  • Thursday – Milk Group foods with a low percentage of fat. No yogurt with fillers and no glazed cheese curds.
  • Friday – boiled chicken without skin. Again, cooked without salt.
  • Saturday – a repeat of Thursday.
  • Sunday – fruits, except bananas and grapes. Boiled eggs are allowed, but no more than two per day.

Be sure to drink plenty of water, the number of meals to try to increase to 4-5. This will help improve the metabolism. What to eat for the day – does not matter. Here the body for himself will choose the acceptable norm. But, of course, do not overeat to dump.

Another fast diet for 7 days to help remove about 4 kg, if at night buckwheat pour boiling water and put infuse it to swell. During the next week to eat basically the porridge. Furthermore it allowed per day to eat large orange and apple, yogurt drink, but not more than a liter per day. Permitted honey water in the morning. After seven nights no food.

Contraindications for this procedure are the same as the rest of fast diet for 7 days giving too big plummet: liver problems, kidney, stomach, heart and blood vessels, as well as high blood pressure.

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