Fast weight loss diet to 5 kg

Each of the fair sex in life there are times when the slim figure is needed desperately. It can be both single go out where you want to show off a perfect body and a desire to get the ball rolling, setting a course for beauty. In any case, regardless of the cause, start searching for diets for quick weight loss of 5 kg or more.

And whether there are similar techniques weight loss? And thereby they work?

The majority of making it possible to lose weight by 5 kg fast diets designed for a period of four to seven days. And, of course, they are not an example of a particularly healthy food, such as rates of loss of extra kilos for the body’s abnormal. It is believed that the optimal rate of weight loss is about 4 kg per month. It is easy to calculate how fast diets in this figure exceeds the norm.

For this reason, medical experts do not recommend often resort to such methods in order not to harm the body. Moreover, such systems are not recommended weight loss persons with serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system. Before resorting to one of the following schemes required to consult a doctor. Neither figure is not necessary sacrifices on the part of health.

The best fast weight loss diet of 5 kg

So, with which fast diet weight loss by 5 kg? Collected here are methods of weight loss in each case show the individual result, it should be remembered always. The maximum number of kilograms you can lose, having the presence of overweight. If the figure is in need of minor proofs, will be able to eliminate only 1-2 kg. And this is not “bad diet”, but a feature of an organism. After all, in any fast diet goes into the water first, and only then begins to lose body fat. When overweight a lot of fluid in the body, and this caused significant weight loss at first.

The first rapid elimination diet is designed for 4-5 kg ​​and only lasts for four days. It is quite diverse, although not perfectly balanced. But lets not feel a strong sense of hunger, making it possible to stay in operation.

  • On the first day menu consists only of brown unpolished rice boiled without salt, and natural tomato juice. Number of meals – 3-4 portions such that you can eat. But not to fullness.
  • On the second day of low-fat dairy preferred group of products. Eats about one kilogram of cheese and drink to one and a half liters of yogurt.
  • On the third day should be about 700 grams of boiled chicken without skin and bones and boil a liter of green tea.
  • On the fourth day to eat a low-fat hard cheese and red wine. The latter, of course, no more than 50 grams. At intolerance of alcoholic beverages wine is replaced liter of green tea.

You can see that this diet – a kind of set of mono diet of one or two products. It is good as a discharge period, but should not be performed more than once per quarter, and last longer than four days.

Another promising loss for the week to 5 kg fast diet proposes to adhere to its principles, exactly seven days and gives the opportunity to evaluate a little more interesting menu than the previous system. But like its predecessor, it is also quite difficult in execution. And also enters the body in a state of imbalance, and may cause drowsiness and dizziness. Physical activity is prohibited during any “quick diets” to 5 kg in the short term.

  • On Monday, breakfast mug of unsweetened coffee or unsweetened tea. Dine large oranges, apples and tomatoes, adding them to the hard-boiled egg. Dining coleslaw with boiled egg and a cup of green tea.
  • On Tuesday morning to begin again a cup of coffee or tea, but now with tomato and boiled egg. Day to draw attention to the cabbage salad, a slice of boiled hundred grams lean beef, a glass of fresh vegetable juice. In the evening take a couple of unsweetened apple.
  • For a medium suitable for the morning, the same scheme that Tuesday. For lunch – steam cutlets, salad and juice. Supper cup of yogurt.
  • allows to diversify breakfast Thursday, adding to a cup of tea or coffee hundred grams serving of cottage cheese. At lunch cabbage salad and steam fish, the usual glass of juice. Supper on Tuesday.
  • On Friday breakfast cabbage salad with egg and a cup of tea. Lunch again a piece of boiled beef, but now adding to it a big cucumber or tomato, and a glass of vegetable juice. For dinner on Wednesday.
  • The Saturday breakfast assumes the same thing on Thursday: tea and cheese. Lunch – sauerkraut with steam fish, vegetable juice. Dinner – a couple of apples.
  • And on Sunday morning to give preference to processed cheese with an apple and a cup of tea. Happy to eat hundred grams serving of vegetable soup, a piece of cooked lean meat and a cup of herbal tea. In the evening, settle for a glass of kefir.

This fast diet to 5 kg or more will allow to lose weight, of course, only if the excess weight. But even if it will give the desired result, it is very easy to lose at the wrong exit from the diet.

How to fix the result of fast weight loss diet?

The basic rule to remember, completing flogging for the body, it is a necessity of soft finals. The first day after the diet in the diet implies only boiled or steam plant foods, vegetable broths. In the second you can include porridge, steamed meat. The third has to add flour products. But in the next week not to approach the fried, fatty and smoked foods. In addition, the food taken 5-6 times a day in small portions.

The main problem of the above fast weight loss diet to 5 kg in the short term is three meals a day, which lowers metabolic rate, negatively impacting the figure. In addition, it has a digestive system. And because such a negative level is a reasonable way of dieting.

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