Fitness: exercise for weight loss

If you want to lose weight, exercises you can not avoid. Sooner or later you will still have to physical exercise, because in the case of weight loss, they are the most powerful and effective tool.

Home fitness exercise for weight loss without surgery will help you to lose weight gradually and without harm to the body. You can lose weight about 3 kilograms in a week, if properly distribute the load a bit and correct your lifestyle.

Exercise at home

Fitness exercises for weight loss at home can and should be run. At home, the classroom has its pros and cons.


  • you do not need to pay for a gym membership;
  • you will not be ashamed of your figure;
  • you do not have to spend time on the road to the sports hall;
  • you’re not going to adjust to the schedule of classes.


  • Pets may not approve of your attempts of losing weight;
  • needs a very strong motivation, will and self-discipline;
  • limited space for the class.

Only you can weigh all the “pros” and “cons”, and decide where you can study at home or in the gym.

If you decide to do at home, the following tips can be useful. To increase the number of repetitions of an exercise is not immediately necessary. Start the repetitions from 10-15 times. Only a few approaches, for a total of 20-30 exercises of the same kind. So you don’t overextend the muscles and understand the workload can handle. To increase the number of repetitions should gradually. Otherwise the muscles will not have time to recover. And you hurt yourself. Experienced trainers suggest not doing the rest between sets longer than two minutes. It relaxes the muscles.

Be careful with power loads, which are inevitable if you want to lose weight. Even with power-home fitness exercises for weight loss takes a lot of calories. So you need to carefully raise this load. In addition, over time need to increase the rate of exercise.

in addition, the need to draw up a sequence of exercises for weight loss. They should go in this order: aerobics, weight training and stretching. In this sequence fitness exercise for weight loss at home will be most effective.

Fitness exercises for belly slimming

Today we talk about specific fitness exercises for slimming the abdomen. This area is the most problematic place. Since belly fat goes last. Therefore, exercises must be carefully planned.

Attacks. Most effective gym exercise for fat burning is lunges with leap up. Perform it as follows. Make a lunge forward with your right foot, then push off with your legs and jump up. At the time jump change the position of the legs so that front was already not right and left leg. Perform 10 lunges for each leg.

Transitions side. This exercise is in the top exercises for weight loss. It performed just. Bend your knees, tilt your body forward. Arms bent at the elbows. Thus, the move added steps across the room, where there is free space. You should do wide steps to the side.

sit-UPS. It is believed that with the help of loads at the press, you can lose weight: the more you perform, the better. But it’s not. Indeed, with the help of UPS you can adjust the shape, but not to get rid of extra pounds. Body lifts will only allow you to take the form of the press.

Exercises for lower abdomen. This complex has plenty of exercise, for example, is known to all “Bicycle” and “scissors”. The meaning of approaches in how to best stretch the lower part of the abdomen. Better to do approaches 30 seconds, then relax.

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