Fried egg calories

Of the many dishes that can be cooked for breakfast, Fried eggs only prepares quick and simple. It has a pleasant taste and a complete nutritional composition. Therefore, having eaten eggs for breakfast, hunger will not be tormented until dinner.

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
fried eggs 241 kcal 15,9 g 19,3 g 1 g
scrambled eggs 167 kcal 11,09 g 12,21 g 2,2 g

What is in scrambled eggs?

The egg consists of albumen and yolk. Both substances are important for the organism. The protein is well absorbed. The yolk contains a lot of different polyunsaturated acids which are responsible for the caloric eggs.

The eggs give the body the necessary proteins that the body is not able to produce on their own. In addition, calorie eggs are considered the safest for the figure, and egg products – the most environmentally friendly product. Eggs contain antioxidants and other phytochemicals. Despite all the advantages of egg food, is to focus on their caloric content.

The use of eggs

Fried egg calories are beneficial, since they are quite easy to digest and are a huge number of trace elements and nutrients. Eating eggs for food will not add extra inches to your body. The internal state of well-being and improve the brain starts to work much faster, and the mood will always be at a high level.

However, if high-calorie foods from eggs in doubt, you should try to reduce the number of calories in the dish by adding a variety of other vegetable ingredients. For example, you can add to scrambled eggs spinach, asparagus or tomatoes.

Despite the fact that the product of the eggs is very helpful, do not forget that you need to have a sense of proportion. Egg – a strong allergen. Frequent and copious use of eggs can be harmful to their health and provoke development of various diseases in the body (liver and kidney diseases, gastritis, pancreatitis, etc.).

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