How many calories burned while running

Probably each of us has ever thought about that with diet and exercise to normalize your weight and throw off those extra kilos. It is a natural desire for those who want to feel in form and look the part. Especially towards the spring and summer we are starting to lose weight rapidly, in order to look more attractive in the open shorts and tight T-shirts, short skirts and bikinis in the beach season.

By being any physical activity, we will certainly burn calories. The higher the activity, the more calories from we get rid of. The body naturally responds to changes in energy, so if you feel fatigue, rapid heartbeat and pulse – then you are on the right track in the fight against fat. Particularly noticeable quickening of the pulse with loads of aerobic type, jumping, running. Therefore, an hour jogging calories you spend as much when doing light aerobics in the gym. If we talk about the number of calories in 30 minutes of jogging can burn, then this load is compared to the vigorous sports walking for an hour.

There are many ways to throw off the extra calories, the most common of which is the occupation of any active sport with the help of skis, rollers, skates, bicycle, etc. But no less effective method of weight loss is a banal jogging. I wonder how many calories burned while running, because running requires no special skills, conditions and trips to the fitness club? Consider how many calories burned while running in 30 minutes and an hour.

How many calories burned while running depending on time

In order to determine how many calories burned while running, you must take into account not only during exercise, but also a person’s weight, as well as his percentage of body fat. The less excess body fat and more muscle a person has, the more calories you can burn it. An important role is played by running speed and, of course, the floor, because it is believed that it is easier for men to dump excess weight than women.

fitness instructors believe that our body starts to effectively get rid of the calories after a 30-minute run, so I recommend to run longer. An hour of running the calories go much faster than half an hour, after which no longer accumulate in the body again. But this fact does not affect how many calories in 30 minutes of running you will be able to throw because it still has a burden on the body, which means that you burn calories, but less effectively. If you can not run for a long time without a break, alternate running with walking, but in any case do not stop to sit and relax. Thus, for an hour run will take more calories than normal jogging 30 minutes without a break. How many calories burned whilerunning this way?

Here are below average data that show how many calories burned while running for 1 hour, depending on the speed of running and weight for women and men.

For women weighing 60 kg:

– with a moderate running, alternating with intense walking (6-7 km / h) – 240-260 calories;

– with a moderate run without interruption (10-11 km / h) – 590-620 calories.

To the men weighing 80 kg:

– with a moderate running, alternating with intense walking (6-7 km / h) – 310-320 calories;

– with a moderate run without interruption (10-11 km / h) – 830-850 calories.

If to speak about 30 minutes of continuous running at an average speed of 8-10 km / h for women, in which case you will be able to get rid of 150-200 calories.

Therefore, it is desirable to run at least once a day, then an hour of running can lose enough calories to lose weight effectively, but also do not forget about good nutrition.

Useful advice for beginners to run to lose weight

To start running, you have to do almost nothing but the desire, motivation, comfortable shoes and clothing. But before you start to run daily, you should consult with your doctor about the intensity of exercise, especially if you have health problems. Place for jogging and time (morning, evening) you can pick up on their own, depending on the capabilities and pace of life. While running, you will not only burn calories, you also strengthen your leg muscles, arms, press, tightens buttocks and back muscles. Furthermore, running training promotes cardiac muscle, lung, tissue oxygen saturates.

Remember, the harder you run, the more calories per hour running you can burn. The more intense and faster running, the greater your fatigue and, consequently, the effectiveness of the training. But do not overdo it, start with moderate and low loads, be sure to do warm-up warming up before running and after it cools the body. When you run, try to keep your back straight, do not lean forward or backward, hold hands bent at the elbows, rhythmically move them back and forth while running. To increase the effectiveness of a workout and burn more calories, alternate different pace and run the length of the steps, and distance running conditions (smooth or winding surface with dimples).

It is also useful to combine running with different exercise, adhering to proper diet and daily calories, depending on the result you want to get and how many calories burned while running for the chosen training intensity.

In order to bring the maximum benefit from running, follow these simple and important rules:

1. Running in the morning is better for the body than an evening run.

2. Running should be before eating and nothing else.

3. After the running, take douche.

4. Start with a warm-up run, slow pace, gradually increasing it.

5. After running restore breathing with the help of deep breaths, raising and lowering his hands.

6. Do not drink water, especially cold, immediately after the end of the run.

7. Run with the headphones and your favorite music to jog was not only useful but also enjoyable.

8. Alternate types of running – jogging, running with obstacles, for short or long distance, shuttle run, normal and slow running.

9. Do not run if you have a cold, you have a runny nose and fever, or if you have kidney disease, heart disease or high blood pressure.

When choosing running shoes, watch, so it was convenient and not too gripping legs. Sport running shoes allow for more flexibility and avoid the pain of ankle joints after run.

Since jogging is a pretty intense workout for your body, it is slimming, it is recommended not to all. If you have diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as injuries or disorders of the spine and joints, you must always consult your doctor, since you may be running at all contraindicated. The therapist, in conjunction with orthopedic and cardiology, will help you choose the best modes of training if you need it. A nutritionist will advise you how to eat right, to the effect and benefits of your training has increased significantly. Therefore, gradually reduce the number of calories consumed in conjunction with regular exercise and jogging to lose weight steadily for a long time and also improve your body.

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