How many calories burned while walking?

The answer to the question “How many calories burned while walking” in the first place depends on the type of the walk. It turns out that there are regular walking, is usually slower hour walk burns only 250 calories. There are walking up the stairs, it is promoted as an effective method to combat obesity. Calories per hour of walking up the stairs burns 540 to 750 calories per hour. Of course, the lifting-hour down the stairs one will not stand, especially the habit. Because recommend starting training with 15 minutes and continue increasing while having up to 30-40 minutes. There are so-called improving walking at a speed of about 6 km / h (rather fast) power consumption will be about 300-400 calories per hour of walking. If you alternate between walking up the stairs to walking at a fast pace, calories per hour when walking is 200 Kcal. And of course, there are walking trails, calorie consumption at the race walking is 400 calories per hour, are utilized at the same time almost all the muscles of the body. Engage in sports walking without proper physical preparation is not recommended. All calculations of how many calories expended during walking, are approximate, because calories walking

How many calories burned while walking

Usually the person goes a day away from one to ten kilometers, without even noticing it. Fatigue manifests itself when you walk too much, and this load is unusual for you.

How many calories burned while walking, it depends on the speed and the weight of the person. The faster and the more weight, the more calories spent. It is estimated that 3-4 kilometers per hour – a slow walk, 5 – is the average speed of a pedestrian, 6 – a brisk walk. Common indicators of how many calories burned when walking- about 292 calories per hour. Calories burned when walking fast to the maximum – about 400-500 calories per hour.

The most effective for burning calories walking

From the data that is how many calories burned while walking, you can adjust the speed of the main walk (if a weight nothing can be done). If we use weights, such as at a serious level training in walking the stairs, it is possible to influence the speed and weight. It follows that the most effective is fast walking using additional weight. For example, hiking. But for maximum effect it is important to dispense the load. As it turned out as a result of the study, walking slowly up the stairs, without jumping through the steps, it turned out to be better than brisk walking, calories burned while longer. Even in the case of a hike should start with the easiest route, but better – with daily walks in the nearby park. To then there were no such surprises as corn from the uncomfortable shoes, it seemed before convenient, delayed onset muscle soreness from the weight of a backpack or a deadly weariness after a long transition. If you combine walking on rough terrain (which is analogous to walk up the stairs) with a competent weight distribution and routing, hiking in the mountains it will be an unforgettable holiday. The effect of burning calories – maximum. Trekking up to 10-15 kilometers a day for a couple of weeks provide the same effect as of a few months in the gym.

How many calories burned when walking on stairs

Another type of walk, effective for the figure and well-being, is walking up the stairs. Consumption of calories while walking up the stairs on the rise is 0.14 kcal per kilogram of body weight.

In addition, the number of calories burned when walking on stairs, is also important that, as the load on different muscle groups in the ascending and descending runs on the exterior. To walk the stairs to be effective, need exercise no less than 25 minutes and more. It is about sixteen to eighteen ascents and descents (pulse in this case is 140 beats per minute). It is important not to miss a step, as this will involve the proper muscles. Walking up the stairs reduces body fat, normalizes blood pressure and tones. Climbing stairs train legs, bringing them into shape. The followers of this kind of walk through the guarantee few months classes that waist decreases as the level of cholesterol and the amount of light increases. As mentioned above, one should begin with 10-15 minutes to bring training to 30-40 minutes.

You should be careful if you have blood pressure problems. The fact that the lifting-down stairs is increasing pressure on the cardiovascular system. This type of training refers to aerobic exercise, it increases endurance and, ultimately, strengthens the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure, and if problems with the vascular system and were walking up the stairs to cope with them.

To fit any training ladder length at least three flights. Before training do not forget the warm-up, especially on the knee joints (for example, by bicycle). Such loads can be alternated with normal and fast walking. Take your time when running, going down, relax a little bit before the next sunset. Stops when the muscles in the legs start to hurt. This is normal and means that the correct load.

If there is no opportunity to engage with a ladder, about the same effect can be obtained from the step-aerobics classes.

How many calories burned when walking fast

Among all types of aerobic exercise walking is the most natural and safe. For the prevention and strengthen the immune system is to make small walking at least an hour a day. An hour of brisk walking burns calories just as much intense aerobic workout. At the same time you breathe fresh air and temper the same time (as opposed to the lessons in the hall).

Preparing for the lessons Nordic Walking is to choose the route (from three to seven kilometers) to start – flat terrain, then – cross; purchase a simple heart rate monitor (models of sports watches, which also measures the heart rate); a small warm-up before and stretch after exercise. You will also need a pedometer (or an approximate count of the distance of the route on the map).

To begin better with a leisurely walk, a quiet stroll. Then you need to increase the pace and distance. When fast walking calories burned is much harder.

The basic instructions for Nordic Walking technique:

  • put the foot, transferring weight from heel to toe
  • do not make long steps, makes it convenient
  • Keep in shape of the foot, not to relax them too, even with the rise
  • did not sway the hips, depicting model gait
  • is urged under her buttocks and keep on our toes press
  • when he let down on the heel, slightly bounce the knee (it adds cushioning the spine)
  • squeeze the hand and help them when walking, swinging to the beat of the steps
  • Turn the body slightly at steps
  • Try to stay upright, squared his chest, but did not turn up their chin high (do not create an additional burden on the neck).

When walking three times a week, brisk walking calories burned as well as in regular fitness – club.

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