How many calories in a cup of coffee?

calories in a cup of coffee

Our favorite coffee are cooked from the coffee beans, pre-fried to the desired consistency. Coffee beans contain caffeine, which has on the body invigorating and stimulating effect.

Ready drink slightly bitter due to the presence of so-called tannins. Therefore, it very often add cream or milk. They are slightly soften the bitter taste of coffee, giving it a creamy taste.

Calories in a cup of coffee

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
coffee without sugar 2 kcal 0,2 g 0 g 0,3 g
coffee with sugar 18,1 kcal 0,7 g 0,8 g 2,2 g
coffee with milk without sugar 58 kcal 0,7 g 1 g 11,2 g
coffee with milk and sugar 113,7 kcal 2,4 g 2,7 g 19,9 g

The benefits of coffee

The use of flavored beverage is not only the pleasure that a person gets drunk from the cup. As part of the drink a lot of useful substances, which is very beneficial effect on the body. For example, coffee contains iron and nitrogen. It also contains calcium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine and phosphorous. Coffee beans are rich in sugars and essential to human proteins. The product has a fat that is in the ground and causes calorie coffee with milk and coffee without moloka.Napitok calorie rich in tannins, alkaloids (caffeine and trigonelinom). These substances give the drink an excellent flavor and tonic properties.

It is proved that 1 cup of beverage meets the daily requirement for vitamin E is 20%. In addition, coffee contains organic acids, and more specifically, citric, malic, acetic, coffee. They normalize the action of the digestive system.

What is the harm of coffee?

When used drink 2-3 cups a day, he will not harm. Keep in mind that coffee contributes to increased pressure. Therefore, patients with hypertension is not recommended to drink coffee.

Regular consumption of coffee is addictive, which is very similar to alcohol dependence. Therefore, using 6 cups of drink per day or more, you run the risk of irreparable harm to their health, especially the stomach.

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