How many calories in a sandwich?

calories in a sandwich

Sandwich – kind of snack, which is a slice of baked goods, which put additional foods. But do not confuse sandwiches. Its difference is one that contains a piece of sandwich baked product. A sandwich – two, that is, it is the filling between the layers of bread.

Calories in a sandwich

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
sandwich with butter 385 kcal 5,8 g 22,8 g 38,4 g
cheese sandwich 321,3 kcal 12,8 g 16,2 g 29,6 g
sausage sandwich 291,6 kcal 8,7 g 16,4 g 26,7 g
sandwich with red caviar 337,5 kcal 13,8 g 19,5 g 26 g
sandwich with cheese and trout 200,9 kcal 15,9 g 7,7 g 15,4 g
sandwich with jam 324 kcal 4,6 g 12,1 g 50 g

What are preparing sandwiches?

There are many types of sandwiches. They are trained mainly on wheat or rye bread. Rye bread is used for fatty foods or foods that have a pronounced odor and flavor (for example, herring, smoked sausage, pâté, etc.), and white bread – for sandwiches with soft cheese, sweets (jam, jam, condensed milk).

There are multilayer sandwiches and snacks. To prepare the first use different meats, vegetables, herbs, sauces and pies, and for the second – bread slices that are fried first.

The simplest kind of a snack – sandwich with butter. Do not be afraid of this ingredient. The average daily rate of oil consumption of 10-20 grams. It gives us the good cholesterol of animal origin.

Another of the most common types of sandwich is a sandwich with cheese. Cheese contains high levels of protein, minerals, trace elements and amino acids, is a source of calcium and potassium. This ingredient is well absorbed by the body and is widely used in dietary nutrition.

The most popular is considered a classic sandwich with sausage.

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