How many calories in apples?

Apples can be safely attributed to the most useful and accessible dietary products. They are knowingly used in various weight loss diets. How many calories in apples?

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
red apples 47 kcal 0.4 g 0,4 ​​g 9,8 g
baked apples 67,8 kcal 0,5 g 0,4 ​​g 15,8 g

How many calories in apples and what is their nutritional value

Apples do not contain fat and 87 percent of their weight is water. They contain fiber and pectin, as well as apples are products that have a low glycemic index, that is, the sugar that is present in apples, digested very slowly in the body, which means that they are much smaller amounts are deposited as fat.

Apples contain a lot of vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C in apples depends on the duration of storage and apples. The red apples contain more sugar than in the green, after all, they taste sweeter. But green apples contain more iron and vitamins. To all this green apples do not cause allergic reactions. For comparison, the calorie apple red is 47 kcal per 100 gram of product, and calorie apple green below – about 40 kcal per 100 gram of product.

Even without observing any diet for weight loss is desirable to eat at least one apple a day. An apple a medium-sized weighs about 130 grams, respectively, 1 calorie apple is medium in size of approximately 60 kcal. Calories 1 large apple is about 94 kcal.

Baked apples are also very helpful. If you eat them on an empty stomach, you can get a slight diuretic effect. They are useful for constipation, bad digestion, swelling and chronic cholecystitis. They also have anti-inflammatory effects. Calorie baked apples is 67.8 kcal per 100 grams of product. Proteins in the liver apples contain 0.5 grams of fat – 0.4 grams and carbohydrate – 15.8 grams per 100 grams of product. Given the low calorie baked apples, their useful to use during various diets, especially if you have problems with digestion.

The benefits of apples

Apples are a natural sorbent. Due to the presence of flavonoids and pectin, they clean the intestines, binding free radicals thereby preventing the development of tumors.

Apples enhance the disintegration of formic acid and prevent the formation of uric. Therefore, they are useful for people who have rheumatism, gout, atherosclerosis, chronic eczema and other skin diseases. Apples strengthen eyesight, hair, nails and skin, and also help in diseases of the nervous system.

It is also useful to use the apples with the solidification of blood vessels and lower blood pressure, as they are a powerful blood purifier. Because of apples in the body better absorb iron from other foods, such as liver and eggs, and they are able to strengthen the lymphatic system.

To get the most nutrients from apples, they should be eaten with the skin, as it is in the peel contains the most vitamin C, flavonoids and pectin. After cutting the apples lose vitamin C – this indicates a darkening of the surface – oxidation. Apple is desirable to eat after every meal – this is useful for the figure, and for your teeth.

Scientists have proved that the bones of apples contains biologically active substances, enzymes and vitamins that can prevent the development of cancer. But they also contain hydrogen cyanide, or poison. On the day you can not eat more than three or four seed, or in the body exceeds the concentration of the acid.

Contraindications to the use of apples

Even with the low calorie apple green, that is sour grades, they are not recommended to have a duodenal ulcer or stomach, inflammation of the pancreas, and gastritis with high acidity.

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