How many calories in pork?

Pork is one of the most consumed meats and available worldwide. It is used for a lot of amazingly delicious first and second courses include both daily and in a festive menu.

Pork is divided into two classes, and depending on the variety made from her various dishes. From the shoulder, bacon, ham cooked delicious main dishes. This pork is cooked, fried, stewed, pickled. But from the Neck and prepared Shanks rich broth for soup, borscht, cabbage soup or pickle soup.

Calories in pork

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
bacon 510 kcal 10,1 g 53 g 0 g
pork tenderloin 142 kcal 19,4 g 7,1 g 0 g
Pork neck 343 kcal 13,6 g 31,9 g 0 g
lean pork 160 kcal 19,4 g 7,1 g 0 g
pork loin 384 kcal 13,7 g 36,5 g 0 g
pork stew 235 kcal 9,8 g 20,3 g 0 g
boiled pork 375 kcal 22,6 g 31,6 g 0 g
pork roast 489 kcal 11,4 g 49,3 g 0 g
ground pork 263 kcal 17 g 21 g 0 g

Useful properties of pork and harm

Boiled pork and boiled pig’s trotters are a valuable source of protein and essential amino acids in the body. That’s why pregnant women and nursing mothers caloric boiled pork will benefit. The proteins contained in pork, helps mammary glands to produce milk more intense, as well as to give him the necessary for baby fat.

Pork also contains substances such as arachidonic acid and selenium that are useful in the fight against depression and nervous stress. And they help to improve the regeneration process of the body’s cells. Scientists have shown that regular consumption of pork has a positive effect on the formation of bone and human muscles, normalizes the functioning of the heart and strengthens blood vessels.

In spite of the huge amount of nutrients, pork resolved not everyone. It is composed of large amounts of histamine, which can cause various allergic reactions in the body. Nor should abuse calorie pork, in large quantities, it places a load on the stomach and the pancreas. The recommended daily dose for healthy people is about 200 grams of pork a day.

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