How many calories in stuffed pepper?

Calories in stuffed pepper

Among the many tasty dishes made from both vegetables and meat, there is one, is quite simple to prepare. This, of course, stuffed peppers. By itself, the sweet pepper has many beneficial properties, contains almost all the essential vitamins and minerals, in addition, there is low calories in stuffed pepper.

There are plenty of recipes for stuffed peppers, they are all different from each other. Pepper is most often filled with a stuffing of different kinds of minced meat (beef, chicken, turkey), to which is added the rice, onions and spices – a classic recipe. It can also be stuffed with different vegetables (cabbage, mushrooms), rice, buckwheat, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.

Calories in stuffed pepper

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
pepper stuffed with minced pork 203,4 kcal 11 g 14,3 g 7 g
pepper stuffed with ground beef 113,3 kcal 7 g 7,5 g 4,3 g
pepper stuffed with ground beef, pig 92,2 kcal 2,1 g 0,2 g 21 g
peppers stuffed with vegetables 57,9 kcal 1,4 g 3,3 g 6 g
pepper stuffed with minced turkey 74,5 kcal 16,2 g 0,6 g 1 g
pepper stuffed with minced chicken with zucchini 79,8 kcal 5,3 g 2,1 g 10,2 g
stuffed peppers in tomato-cream sauce 120,9 kcal 6,5 g 6,9 g 8,3 g

How to reduce the effect of calories in stuffed pepper

To reduce the number of calories in stuffed pepper, nutritionists recommend not only reduce the amount of “bad” for the figure components, but also carefully choose the ingredients themselves. For example, to mince was less high-calorie, low-fat, use the best meats. When stacked peppers stuffed with stew, add a little tomato paste. This will allow better assimilated food and intense burn the calories consumed. From the sour cream in this case should be abandoned. When preparing pepper try to add as little oil as possible when toasting onions and carrots, but it is best not to fry them, adding them to the raw mince. Thus, at times you reduce calorie stuffed peppers. Also, nutritionists recommend adding raw onions and carrots directly into the pan where stewed peppers, so that they are better soaked in broth and pepper aroma.

If you have any gastrointestinal diseases, you should be cautious to use this dish. Do not recommend it to excessive use and those who suffer from kidney disease, cardiovascular system, gout. For those who have heart problems, nutritionists recommend to reduce the amount of consumption of spices and salt in dishes.

If you are dieting and can not imagine life without the stuffed peppers, then here you will gain steamer, which turns this dish is even less nutritious. Caloric pepper stuffed, cooked in a double boiler (using minced chicken) decreases. In addition, dishes, steamed, very juicy, rich and delicate, and most importantly -. Useful for the body

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