How to diet?

how to diet

It is not enough to choose for themselves interesting extra kilos reset circuit: all must learn how to diet to lose weight and keep the result. And, do it in such a way that more and not have to pay too high a price for a new figure. After all, the complexity of almost any scheme to eliminate body fat to achieve harmony between all the requirements.

And to help all women who attend to the question of his body correction, this article will talk about how to sit on a diet, walk through it and come out as dieting, what mistakes are made during the diet, both from their insured .

How to diet to lose weight and do not break?

The first stage of the diet – a preparation for it. It is important, not less, than anything else, because it allows and to prevent possible failures, and just easier to move the new regime. For one or two days before the weight loss should be excluded from the diet all sweets and pastries, as well as to set aside the pan with vegetable oil. These products are in any case will be excluded in the period, while it is necessary to sit on a diet.

Then, depending on how hard the method chosen, will need to give up the first, second and compote, replacing them with one less voluminous dish. Try to break your own menu for a few meals and throw night snack.

The second stage – just a diet. The main recommendations to it is usually specified in the description, the same place where the transfer is permissible and prohibited foods. But we can give some advice on its implementation.

  • Try to eat 5-6 times a day. Even if the menu three meals, it is appropriate to divide each for two, although portions become smaller. This will allow for a day not to feel acute hunger, as well as to accelerate the metabolism and not to overload the pancreas.
  • Choose the most pleasant for themselves menu where most of the products evoke positive associations. If there is no love for cottage cheese, why sit on the protein or sour-milk diet?

And, of course, a top aide in weight loss without disruption – serious motivation. Without it, any deal is doomed to failure.

How to diet without sacrificing your health?

The time limits which require to adhere to weight-relief techniques can vary from three to thirty days or more. It depends primarily on how the system sparing selected as the menu is arranged, which products are included in it, as far as nourishing diet. From the same will depend on the rate of weight loss.

A diet focused on one to three days are days of discharge, and are usually based on the use of one or two products of all time. Such schemes are not encouraged to exercise more than once a month, and stick to them is only for a clearly specified deadline will not be extended at will. Such systems greatly impoverish the organism to nutrients. Lopsided menu for a long period of negative impact on health.

A diet designed for three to seven days, is also included in the category of express diets, but their diet is more varied. This may be an arrangement of several mono-diet, and a strong diet cuts calories to 500-700 kcal / day. Such power system a little less harmful, if not more than a week to work with them, and then make the correct output. Sitting on a diet of this type can be one to two times a month, but a break between sets shall be at least two weeks.

in two to four week period is usually reset procedure mean weight with a sufficiently balanced menu, whose calorie content is typically not lowered more than 1000 kcal / day. Prevailing products in them are fruits and vegetables, and lean meats, low-fat milk products. From the diet are removed cereals, flour, confectionery group, some elements of the vegetable and fruit categories. By and large, sit on a diet of this type can be a break in the week, since the diet is the most well-made and almost does not deprive the body of necessary substances. Weight loss in this case usually occurs gradually, but since diet is rebuilt slowly and produces addiction, later a new set of weights can not happen.

Wondering about how many sit on a diet, you should remember one thing: if, during the weight loss appears severe weakness, deterioration of health, decreased performance, the longer a system to comply with two or three days is undesirable. These symptoms are usually accompanied by a low-calorie method focused on very short notice. Otherwise, you can pay for the harmony of the cost of health.

How to get out of the diet?

The most universal response to the constantly asked questions about the right diet is the end of a phrase that the release date must be equal to the duration of most weight loss system. This does not apply only to long-sparing techniques, because after they just need a couple of days to go to a proper diet, and stick with it for the rest of life, and occasionally allowing themselves harmful food products and, if strongly want.

For all other circuits in addition to knowing how to sit on a diet, and requires an understanding of how to properly complete it. Regarding the timing of the line depending on the duration of the diet has been said, should now talk about diet during this time.

If you had to sit on a diet, a menu which was largely cut down and consisted of one or two products, the first day after her look like a person who has had a serious illness. The diet appear hot low-fat broth, a bit of bread yesterday, grated apples. The next day, it is already possible to add boiled water porridge: oatmeal, rice, buckwheat. Here are designated vegetables without roughage. Then introduced pasta, lean meat and fish.

But the most important thing to remember when leaving absolutely any diet, it is the rejection of fried and fatty foods, as well as spicy dishes, smoked and canned goods, pickles. The first days after the weight loss required to pass on the boiled, baked and steamed foods. This will not only fix the result, but do not give too much burden the digestive system.

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