Kefir calories

Kefir calories

Kefir – a fermented milk product, it is produced from cow’s milk, whole or skimmed, sour milk by fermentation. At the same time apply the so-called kefir “fungi” – about two dozen different lactic acid bacteria and yeast. The fact that kefir calories is very small, and its beneficial properties at the same time are quite numerous, known to all.

Kefir calories

product calorie squirrel fat carbohydrates
kefir 0% 30 kcal 3 g 0 g 3,8 g
kefir 1% 40 kcal 2,8 g 1 g 4 g
kefir 1,5% 41 kcal 3,4 g 1,5 g 4,7 g
kefir 2% 51 kcal 2,8 g 2 g 3,9 g
kefir 2,5% 50 kcal 2,8 g 2,5 g 4,1 g
kefir 3,2% 56 kcal 3,3 g 3,2 g 3,6 g
kefir home 63,3 kcal 3,2 g 3,5 g 4,8 g

Useful properties of kefir

Kefir is shown as a source laktokultur-prebiotics bacteria that are viable enough to withstand the destructive action of gastric juice, and get into the intestine. It is useful for the organism bacteria that improve digestion. These bacteria help to digest fiber, into the stomach and intestines, thereby strengthening the immune system. If you get sick with a cold, it is recommended to be treated to enhance immunity kefir, fermented baked milk and kefir.

Kefir is recommended to use for obesity, problems with the pancreas and the liver. It also displays the body of excess fluid.

This product is rich in vitamins and minerals. With its balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, low-fat kefir is considered a dietary product, recommended for every day. To benefit from kefir cups a day is enough. Kefir, like other dairy products, has a unique composition of vitamins and minerals. This B vitamins, vitamins A, C and E, vitamin PP (nicotinic acid). Trace elements contained in kefir (calcium, phosphorus, fluorine) strengthen teeth and bones.

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