How many calories in chocolate?

calories in chocolate

Chocolate, without exaggeration, is the most favorite treat Sweet all over the world, regardless of their age. Despite the fact that the calorie content of chocolate is quite high, especially he loved both children and adults.

Calories in chocolate

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
Dark Chocolate 546 kcal 4,9 g 30,2 g 61 g
milk chocolate 550 kcal 6,9 g 35,7 g 54,4 g
bitter chocolate 539 kcal 6,2 g 35,4 g 48,2 g
white chocolate 539 kcal 6 g 30,4 g 62,2 g

Chocolate and diet

In spite of the high caloric content of chocolate, from its use is virtually impossible to give, and it is not necessary. If strictly comply with the norms of consumption, then it can be even lose weight and it’s true! There are special chocolate diet that assessed the celebrities.

For the chocolate diet is best suited dark chocolate with cocoa content of not less than 70%. And it’s not just because the calorie dark chocolate less often. An effective low-calorie chocolate diet is a la carte (limited) consumption chocolate. The duration of the diet – 7 days, during this period, you need every day to eat 100 grams of chocolate, breaking his reception 3-5 times (20-30 grams at a time), drinking his coffee unsweetened. Permission to use dark chocolate with additives (nuts, raisins), and occasionally the milk added to the coffee, to vary the diet and gain additional nutrients calorie chocolate and the effect of diet while not particularly changed. Also, the coffee can be replaced by a black or green tea, in addition, on the day you should drink about 1.5 liters of carbonated water. But in spite of all this, it is strictly prohibited the use of vegetables and fruit, even a low-calorie.

Useful properties of chocolate and harm

High-calorie chocolate does not stop to improve brain function, improve mood and performance of the body. Tannins in its composition have antiseptic properties, and cocoa butter is used as a protective agent against dental caries, prophylactic against colds, coughs and throat diseases.

Chocolate has long been considered a powerful aphrodisiac, probably, so it has a special magical attraction. Scientists believe that it is able to rejuvenate and restore the body to slow down the aging process, it is therefore often used in cosmetics, chocolate body wraps and chocolate facials, body and hair.

However, there are chocolate and the “dark” side. With extreme caution should be consumed high blood pressure, people with excess weight. Do not recommend the chocolate for diabetics, people with allergies and those suffering from obesity.

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