How many calories in scrambled eggs?

The most popular breakfast is the scrambled eggs. Both children and adults love this nutritious and healthy dish. Scrambled eggs preparing simply and does not require refrigerated any special ingredients.

Calories in scrambled eggs

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
calories in scrambled eggs 184 kcal 9,6 g 15,4 g 1,9 g
egg white omelette 55,7 kcal 6,5 g 2,1 g 2,8 g
calories in scrambled eggs with milk 115,7 kcal 8,5 g 7,7 g 2,5 g
calories in scrambled eggs with cheese 342 kcal 16,3 g 29,7 g 2,6 g
calories in scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions 77,2 kcal 3,5 g 4,9 g 5,1 g
scrambled egg powder 200 kcal 10,3 g 17 g 1,6 g
calories in scrambled eggs whipped cream 257 kcal 6,4 g 14,8 g 26,2 g

Scrambled eggs recipe

Some people prefer the scrambled eggs with sausage, someone adds a vegetable dish, and someone all this seems odd. A classic omelette – that’s what you need for a complete and nutritious breakfast. Calorie omelette from eggs, without adding any ingredients is the lowest.

To prepare the dish you need: 2 eggs, 60 ml of 2.5% milk fat (cream can be replaced with low-fat), ripe tomato (cucumber), fresh red peppers, zucchini. For those who like meat, it is recommended to add the bacon, pepper, salt and a bit of greenery. Vegetables can choose their own taste.

Before you mix all the ingredients necessary to prepare each ingredient to the culinary process. Whipped eggs with milk, pan with non-stick coating is heated and placed it before the cut bacon and vegetables. All these components are fried without oil, sprinkled at the end part of the cheese. For vegetables and meat add the beaten egg mixture on top of all sprinkled with pepper and salted. Preparing an omelette over medium heat. At the end of an almost cooked add cheese omelette residue and all sprinkle with herbs.

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