Meatless Diet

The American scientist and physiologist L. Kordeyn believes that a meatless diet is not suitable for weight loss. He cites a number of reasons, learning about them, it is necessary to think seriously about whether to expose your body to such changes.

Here are some of them:

  • To the metabolic rate is constant and does not slow down, the person needs to obtain proteins of animal origin. If this does not occur, even at the low-calorie diet to lose weight is hard enough.
  • The diet of meals without meat in the daily menu includes the use of nuts and dried fruits, which in combination with cereals or potatoes can lead to rapid weight gain, not to lose weight.
  • Many people with a lack of animal protein feel constant hunger. Therefore, they do not understand what and how much to eat, and successfully recruited for a short period of two and even three kilos.
  • The diet of the dishes without meat can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels. This leads to increased appetite and sustain such a diet for a few weeks will be pretty hard.
  • In addition, some types of cereal crops such as barley and wheat, may enhance allergic reactions. This is accompanied by weakness, fatigue, edema, increased blood sugar levels, as well as the constant weight gain.

A. Kordeyn causes many disadvantages of diet meals without meat, but we will focus only on the most important ones for human health. And yet, if they have not stopped, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with recommendations about how to lose weight without a diet of meat.

By the way, it should be noted that most nutritionists welcome vegetarian feed system for weight loss. Observing them, we can effectively reduce weight and improve their health.

A balanced vegetarian diet system

Consider a diet with no meat diet, which is designed for people with a sufficiently large overweight. This power supply system is suitable for those people who have the original body weight of 10-15 kg above normal.

A vegetarian diet for weight loss lasts for 18 days. Its diet includes dairy products – cheese and yogurt. It is also recommended to drink boiled eggs, barley and oatmeal.

Starting from day 10 to 18 and without the proposed diet meat diet must be the same as and from 1 to 9 days. And throughout the day you should drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water table. You can also drink green or black tea without sugar.

The morning of the first day should start with a glass of warm water table. Only after it is possible to start eating breakfast. It consists of 150 g fat-free yogurt and tea without sugar. At lunch, you can eat one every fruit except bananas.

At lunch you need to cook buckwheat and salad. For this meatless diet salad recipe is very simple. To make it, you should use cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and parsley. For the filling suitable olive oil and lemon juice. Lunch can be supplemented with tea.

Dinner consists of carrot salad, seasoned with lemon juice and a small amount of low-fat sour cream. If you will have to worry too much hunger, before bedtime can be drunk one cup of nonfat yogurt.

The morning of the second day of a meatless diet should also start with a cup of warm water. A breakfast is recommended to eat 2 eggs and drink green tea.

The second breakfast consists of 4-6 slices of dried apricots or prunes. As the dinner should be consumed 50 g of boiled rice without the addition of salt, 150 grams of salad from seaweed and green tea without sugar with lemon slice.

For dinner you can eat a salad. During a meatless diet recipe of its preparation is as follows: clear bell pepper, cut into small slices and put in a bowl. Then chop the tomatoes, add pepper and season with lemon juice with olive oil. Before going to bed, you can eat an apple and drink a glass of kefir.

On the third day, before breakfast should drink a glass of warm water, and then eat 50 grams of Adygei cheese. You can consume tea without sugar. Lunch consists of a single fruit. And for dinner to be cooked 50 g barley porridge, boiled carrots and lemon tea. Dinner consists of a vegetable salad.

The diet from 4 to 9 days without meat diet for weight loss

The fourth day of a meatless diet and should start with a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. For breakfast, should eat 50 grams of oatmeal and drink tea. Lunch consists of 100 grams of fat-free yogurt. A dinner can be prepared 100 g of boiled fish, 200 g of boiled vegetables. Dinner consists of 400 g of any fruit except bananas and grapes.

The morning of the fifth day begins with the use of warm water, 50 g of buckwheat porridge and green tea with lemon. At lunch, you can eat yogurt. And for dinner to cook boiled fish, 300 g of boiled vegetables and green tea. Dinner consists of 300 grams of fruit salad with nonfat yogurt.

On the sixth day breakfast meatless diet need to eat 50 grams of boiled rice with dried apricots and drink tea with lemon. Before breakfast, be sure to consume a glass of warm water. At lunch should eat 50 grams of Adygei cheese. And for dinner to cook boiled fish and vegetables. Dinner of the day consists of 400 g of green apples or oranges.

The seventh day begins with drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. For breakfast you can eat 400 grams of fruit and drink tea without sugar. And at lunch consumed 100 grams of sprouted wheat. Lunch consists of vegetable soup and a slice of black bread. As the dinner should be consumed 100 grams of fat-free yogurt.

Breakfast eighth day meatless diet includes two pears and green tea without sugar. At lunch, you can eat a slice of black bread and a cucumber. For dinner be cooked vegetable soup and 100 g of boiled potatoes. And for dinner you can cook two eggs and drink a glass of kefir.

The morning of the ninth day begins with a cup of warm water and breakfast in the form of 400 g of fresh fruit salad. It can be charged with the lemon juice. Lunch includes 40 grams of wheat or corn flakes. Lunch consists of vegetable soup and a slice of black bread. For dinner you can eat 200 g of cottage cheese.

In the proposed meatless diet recipes and a daily diet for 10-18 days is the same as 1 to 9 days.

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