Morning exercises for weight loss

the Benefits of morning exercises have long been proven by all doctors, and for people of any age. Start the day with movement – not only to give yourself a smile, but forced to work every muscle, to run the internal metabolic processes and to Wake up. Furthermore, it is known that it is impossible to underestimate the importance of the different complexes morning exercises for weight loss. Of course, it makes no sense to compare serious physical exertion, which can put the body in the afternoon or evening, and light exercises after you Wake up: at this time, can not go to heavy training. But it is noticed that persons performing even a simple morning warm-up items, much less actively gaining weight.

the Reason lies in the impact sets of exercises morning exercises for the whole body. A light workout after a glass of warm water before Breakfast, as already mentioned, runs the internal processes. This means that it stimulates and metabolism. In turn, accelerated metabolism allows during the day to burn calories consumed. And, therefore, does not allow them to settle anywhere. As a result, weight is not reached, the figure is not growing. Although, again, to understand the chain should not as a signal of gluttony during the day, hoping that the morning exercises worked so much so that in one sitting eating cake with cream and lie down on the couch.

How to perform complex morning exercises for weight loss?

even Though the exercises – not a full hour and a half workout, it requires proper technique execution, like any other business. Given the fact that the body in the morning is not at all capable of complex actions, it should gently Wake you up, and not let a difficult job. After waking up, first drink a glass of warm water, after which you’ll have to wait about fifteen-twenty minutes before Breakfast. And that they should spend the morning exercises. For women and men, they do not differ, and therefore work on the following plan can both sexes.

In the process of exercise, the body should not feel fatigue or discomfort. In addition, should not show shortness of breath or pain. Charging in the first place is a source of positive emotions and the key to vitality, rather than attempting to drive yourself to exhaustion. Ideally, by the end of may exude the sweat, appear flushed, to increase heart rate. But all this remains in the normal range. If you have the above trouble – the intensity should be lower.

By and large, everyone is free to make an individual complex of morning exercises according to their taste and not strictly adhere to what is given in the article. The main requirements are already known, and therefore everything is limited only by the imagination. You can even just stretch all joints from neck to stop the rotational and tilting movements, and then dancing vigorously.

Complex of exercises for morning exercises

This complex of morning exercises for women and men is recommended to perform either outdoors or in a ventilated area. It will require only a free space, possibly a gym Mat and loose clothing. You can include a nice dynamic to the music. For each exercise take the minute and a half.

  • to Stand in front of a mirror, feet apart at shoulder width, hands on waist. To make the head tilts back and forth at a moderate pace, not making any sudden movements. All the work with your neck and spine should be carefully controlled to avoid injury.
  • In the same position to perform the head tilts left and right, trying to reach the ear to the shoulder. And then rolls from one side to the other through the bottom, seeking the chin to the clavicles, and over the top, throwing back his head.
  • without changing the position of the body, turn head to the right and to the left, the final point making a tilt of the chin down and up.
  • Now you should go to the shoulder belt. At a fast pace to raise and lower the shoulders, first together, then one at a time.
  • your Palm to move from the waistline to the front of the thigh. To bring the shoulders forward, rounding your back, and raise back, trying blades to each other. First together, then one at a time.
  • to Connect the palm at chest level in the prayer gesture, exhale with force to push them against each other. After eight bills to take a breath and relax.
  • to raise your Hands in different directions, forming a straight line from one set of fingertips to the other. Rotary motion of the brushes, then in the elbow joint and the shoulder.
  • Return your hands on your waist, at the expense of “time” to submit upper body forward. The account “two” to go right on “three” – back at the expense of “four” to the left. The lower part remains completely static. First draw a square torso, then a circle. To repeat the same in the opposite direction.
  • Leaving the hands at the waist to make the bends with a straight spine forward and backward, then right and left. Knees at this moment softened, the weight of the body remains at a full stop.
  • Slow to draw eight hips for a minute, lifting from the floor alternately one and then the other heel, and put a little foot.
  • the same square that was bred body, now to outline the hips. To ensure that the upper body will not move.
  • to Jump to first on two legs together, then on one, the other bent at the knee. Do a series of overwhelming jumps, trying to get buttocks to feet. Jump, lifting knees up high. Then perform jumps, throwing legs sideways and forward. For each variation the minute.
  • to Connect feet together, raise high on toes and fall back. Each time you touch your heels to the floor as if to be ejected again up. In the active pace.
  • to Transfer the weight on one leg, the other to put on the outside of the fingers. To make rotational motion foot, first right and left. To change feet.

To conclude the morning exercises deep inhale and lift hands up and slow exhalation, during which you bend down and try to hold hands ankles. Repeat this process three times.

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