Muscle building diet

Muscle building diet – it is such a power supply system, which is aimed at building muscle mass. In combination with regular exercise, it will help more effectively to achieve positive results.

If you hold classes in the gym and eat through time can significantly harm your health. A properly designed calorie diet will be one of the main points in the building beautiful and muscle definition.

muscle building diet includes the right balance of calories. That is, your body has to get more high-calorie food than expend energy. To properly formed muscle, and did not form excess body fat, you need to provide the body with amino acids and proteins.

The important point is that an increase in muscle volume, body fat can be reduced only if the use of anabolic and fat-burning drugs. They are forbidden to medical facilities, because it is a powerful doping or drugs. Their use will lead to the deterioration of health.

Nutrition for muscle building diet

During the observance of muscle building diet should be excluded from the diet, all foods that contain carbohydrates. These include sugar, honey, marmalade, preserves and jams. Also considered carbohydrate bread, pasta, marshmallows, cookies, chocolate, beans, peas and many other foods.

Because the diet is required to remove sugary sodas, pastries and fruit consumption significantly restrict the sweet varieties. Furthermore, it should be treated with caution to rice, buckwheat and oatmeal.

During the main muscle building diet meal should take place after school in the gym. At the same time you need to eat small meals, but as often as possible. Suffice it to 5-6 meals a day.

You can create as diet 3 times – is the use of ordinary food, and the rest – with the addition of energy and protein shakes. They must be used between meals and always before bedtime.

During the morning muscle building diet is recommended to start with receiving a good portion of protein food. After waking up, it is desirable to eat 20-30 grams of protein. At this time, their effect particularly useful for the muscles.

In addition, for a beautiful and relief of muscle protein should be included in every meal. For this is well suited meat, poultry, fish or seafood. Fish preference should be given to salmon and tuna.

When the muscle protein diet is required to use during lunch. It will be enough to eat some nuts, low-fat yogurt, eggs, yogurt and related products.

Protein should be diverse. And to their combination was good and stimulate muscle growth, you need to look for different sources of protein food. For the daily diet in the diet for muscle mass can include eggs, dairy and soy products, cheese, beans, and more.

When the muscle building diet these products quite well combined. And thus obtained serves varied and tasty. If you are a vegetarian, in the power supply system should include protein supplements.

And for all the rest is perfect beef. It is considered as the best kind of meat to build muscles. It contains a sufficient amount of essential amino acids and creatine.

Options exemplary diet to increase muscle mass

Consider a few options menu diet for muscle mass. For breakfast, you can consume 1-2 boiled eggs, two or three egg whites, oatmeal, or a portion of a slice of wholemeal bread. You can also eat grapefruit 1-2.

At lunch cook spinach with boiled unpolished rice, turkey and consume a small portion of cheese with a spoon of honey. As is well suited mozzarella cheese.

For dinner, the menu diet for muscle mass involves the use of salmon grilled with vegetables. Adhering to such a diet, it will be able to not only build muscle, but also significantly lose weight. A protein-rich food will ensure your healthy lifestyle.

You should also remember about vitamins. A significant number of them is found in vegetables and fruits, berries, herbs and dried fruit. Useful are bananas, pears, raisins, apples and oranges.

The next version of the diet one day in the diet for muscle designed for 5 meals, which must be carried out strictly in time. At 8 am breakfast to be held. It includes 3 eggs scrambled with black bread, 1/3 cans of canned corn, pear, a bunch of grapes or a slice of melon.

Breakfast can be supplemented with black tea with raspberry jam. Then, at 11 it is carried out the second meal. To do this, consume 2 sandwiches with cheese, a glass of fruit juice or yogurt and a bit of raisins, dried apricots or prunes.

As the dinner in the diet for the muscles can use a large portion of soup, boiled potatoes with fish or poultry meat, salad of fresh vegetables and juice or compote. Lunch will take place at 2 pm.

At 6 pm, made a fourth meal. For this is well suited portion of oatmeal and bananas. You can also drink black tea with honey or a small piece of dark chocolate.

The fifth meal in the diet for muscle performed at nine o’clock. For dinner you can prepare one serving of boiled rice or buckwheat. You should also include a bank of canned tuna, 1/3 cans of green peas, apple or orange.

Dinner can be supplemented by berries and green tea with lemon. This power system is designed for those people who carry out regular training in the gym. They should be held from 7 to 8 pm.

If the diet of muscle training is carried out later, then you should move the time frame of the fourth meal. Accordingly, changes, and dinner. If after school you too long to have to get home, you should stock up on fruit juice, a banana, an apple or a pear.

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