Fungi are different from plants and animals in appearance, mean chemical composition, development and lifestyle. They constitute the kingdom of living organisms independent nature – mushrooms. To date, studied more than 65 thousand species of fungi and even studied more than a thousand new species.

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
porcini mushrooms 34 kcal 3,7 g 1,7 g 1,1 g
fried 63,1 kcal 3,1 g 4,6 g 2,8 g
soup with mushrooms 26 kcal 1,3 g 1,8 g 1,3 g
potatoes with mushrooms 121,8 kcal 2,5 g 7,2 g 12,7 g

The composition of mushrooms

The composition of fungi include nitrogenous compounds, including proteins. Protein in mushrooms contain more than meat, eggs or peas. In different fungal species contained different amounts of protein. For example, the boletus provides 3.9 percent of the proteins in the white mushrooms – 4.6 percent, and in the giant raincoat – 6.5 per cent of the fresh weight.

Most of the proteins contained in mushroom caps in their legs less. Besides proteins in fungi also contain enzymes, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, fats (from one to six percent) and extractives.

Because of carbohydrates in mushrooms contain sugar and glycogen (animal starch), which give a distinctive sweet taste of mushrooms. Most of the sugars contained in tubular mushrooms: white, birch, aspen and boletus. Most of the sugars are concentrated in the stipe. How many calories in mushrooms?

Mushrooms and weight loss

champignons and oyster mushrooms are able to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and regulate metabolic processes in the body. The mushrooms contain very little fat. For this reason they can be used as a protein food instead of eggs and meat, thereby reducing the number of calories consumed. Thus, it is possible to lose significant weight. Nutritionists recommend eating a dish with mushrooms at least once a week.

It is known that a diet based on the Kombucha have high efficiency for weight loss. Today, they have become so popular that replaced the apple and kefir diet. The Kombucha contains most of the biologically valuable substances, they are useful for the stomach and intestine, accelerate metabolism in our body. All this allows us to lose weight without significant harm to health.

Today also popular diets on the basis of the Tibetan milk mushroom. It is a few centuries ago, used by Tibetan monks as a means of healing. At the beginning of its use for the treatment of various diseases, and then we found that fermented milk kefir fungi greatly reduces weight. This is due to the fact that milk mushroom is able to convert the complex into simple fats, so they are easily removed from the body.

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