Orange diet

Orange diet is not only effective, but also a useful way to lose weight. The orange contains a huge amount of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-aging properties. Dietary fiber that are also contained in oranges, purified intestine, improve digestion and promote a feeling of satiety in the stomach. To all this, oranges have a low calorie content.

Orange diet for weight loss 1

Thanks to this diet for a week, you can easily lose around three kilos overweight. It is easy to observe, as is sometimes allowed to deviate from the proposed system.

Duration orange diet for weight loss 1 – three weeks. During these three weeks, you need to observe a five-day cycles, making the two-day break between them.

Breakfast for all days the same: one orange, one biscuit, coffee or tea without sugar.

Day 1:
Lunch: one orange, one egg and biscuit, yogurt or yogurt (one cup).
Dinner: two eggs, or tomatoes, one biscuit.

2nd day:
Lunch: one orange, one egg and biscuit, yogurt or yogurt (one cup).
Dinner: boiled beef (150 grams), one orange, one tomato, crackers, yogurt or yogurt (one cup).

Day 3:
Lunch: one orange, one egg, biscuit or bread diet, yogurt (two glasses).
Dinner: one orange, steak (150 grams), diet bread, yogurt (one cup).

Day 4:
Lunch: cottage cheese (low-fat, 150 grams), one or pickled cucumber, one tomato, one biscuit.
Dinner: boiled beef (150 grams), one apple, two tomato, diet bread, toast or biscuit.

Day 5:
Lunch: boiled fish (200 grams), two cups of yogurt, two tomatoes, a few leaves of lettuce.
Dinner: one boiled egg, 4 or 5 leaves of lettuce, two tomato.

In the sixth and seventh day in the diet can include a bit other desired products.

Orange diet for weight loss 2

Second Embodiment orange diet also lasts three weeks. In one week you can lose eight kilos overweight.
The first week of every day must be randomly eat two boiled eggs, a kilogram of oranges or grapefruit, drinking two liters of pure water.

Second week: boiled water without sugar and salt grains of cereal, one kilogram of oranges, two liters of pure water.

Third week: one kilogram of oranges, favorite fruits and vegetables (exception – potatoes, bananas and grapes), an unlimited amount of water.

Egg-orange diet

Egg-orange diet is fairly common in Europe, as it is not only effective, but also useful. The duration of the egg-orange diet – two weeks, but if you wish you can continue.

First week: the food should be taken three times a day at a time should eat two oranges and three boiled eggs. The eggs should cook exactly 12 minutes.

Second week: at one time to eat two oranges, three eggs, unlimited amounts of vegetables and fruits.

If you decide to keep egg-orange diet next week diet should be the same as in the second week.

This diet is unique: because it can “burn” the last extra weight, which is usually the hardest to leave.

Reviews orange diet

Reviews orange diet testify to its unique efficiency: those kilos that go with time do not return, leaving deposits of cellulite, the skin looks healthier and more resilient. But, according to reviews, orange diet also has disadvantages: due to the very rapid weight loss skin may sag, respectively, wrinkles become more visible. Also, orange diet is quite stressful for the body, as it violates the metabolic processes.

Oranges and eggs in large quantities should be used with caution, since it is known that they are highly allergenic. If you are going to stick to this diet long term, you should consult with your doctor.

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