Pasta considered a versatile dish, salad garnish and ingredient to meat. They can be eaten with sauce, meat, vegetables. One important advantage of this product – easy to prepare.

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
egg pasta 350 kcal 11,3 g 2,1 g 68,0 g
pasta dairy 345 kcal 11,5 g 2,9 g 67,1 g
premium 337 kcal 10,4 g 1,1 g 69,7 g
cooked pasta premium 112 kcal 3,5 g 0,4 ​​g 23,2 g
first class 335 kcal 10,7 g 1,3 g 68,4 g

Popular pasta

If you have chosen a pasta made from hard wheat varieties, you can not be afraid for her figure. Calories pasta are harmless to health. Cook and eat them without fear. However, do not forget the salt, sauces, seasonings, cheese significantly increase the caloric boiled makaron.Upotreblenie such dishes definitely lead to an increase in the size of your body.

We remind you that pasta with mayonnaise can also harm your figure and not just her. Your well-being is also affected. The fact is that mayonnaise contains a lot of animal fat. Eating such food triggers obesity and contributes to the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood.

Another favorite dish is pasta nautically. So it is got that pasta must always be seasoned and combined with something meat. And what about the calorie pasta nautically? Here figures literally “going wild”. After all, before sending in ground beef pasta, we fry in butter, salt, pepper and so on.

otherwise the case with pasta and vegetables. This is what you need for you and your forms. The dish contains a minimum of calories and vitamins in it much more than meets the eye. Not only do you keep your figure, but also replenish the body with nutrients.

Pasta – dietary dish!

In spite of all this, is a dietary pasta dish. So say the people around the world. For us, it sounds a little strange, as we used to think that pasta comes from the weight gain. We have already said that the calorie pasta directly depends on the production of wheat in their culture as well as on the content of a platter of various sauces and other complementary products. If you cook pasta correctly, there is nothing more rewarding and diet and you can not come up with.

Despite the fact that the “correct” pasta will not allow you to gain weight, remember that any product should be consumed in moderation. You should not overeat, even if the noodles are made from the best durum wheat. You run the risk of stomach stretch. And then in addition to pasta, you want to fill it with a variety of useful products is not. This can lead to excess weight.

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