Pilates exercises for weight loss

The Number of fitness areas is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more variety programs offer their customers sports complexes. One of these is the method of Joseph Pilates, founded more than a century ago and has become an excellent tool not only in the struggle for a slender body, but also in the desire to improve their health. Remarkable feature Pilates exercises that can be performed at any age and in almost any diseases. They are actively used not only athletes, but people who physical activity is not the last place. Pilates exercises are included in the recovery program, recommended for persons with heart problems, spine, vascular and nervous systems, as well as many other diseases of internal organs. Moreover, Pilates exercises do suggest to women in pregnancy and after childbirth.

But, of course, for the majority of ladies interest are Pilates exercises for weight loss and figure correction. The main advantage here is the fact that such classes are not harassed in the same way that a lot of cardio. Although it is called Pilates with a solid rest it: in their reviews, many women said that even despite a decent physical training, after the first session, they felt they were fully pressed. And besides, I discovered many new muscles.

How exactly does this work? Based on what methodology? What is better to choose Pilates exercises for beginners, if you do independently at home? All these issues are covered below.

Basis of Pilates exercises for weight loss

one of the key points of Pilates exercises are similar to yoga: both methods require the control of consciousness. Nothing will happen, if during the execution of the item to reflect the balance in the papers or the evening meal. The lesson should focus on their actions, the internal muscles and breathing.

But unlike the yoga and body Flex, breathing technique is not divided in stages. It is only necessary to understand the correct execution of breaths. They are all done without expanding the chest or abdomen: everything goes in the back and lower part of the lungs. It thus will be possible without problems to carry out any element without binding to a specific phase of breathing. And the active enrichment of oxygen to tissues leads to activation of fat burning process.

the intensity of the center is what makes Pilates exercises are popular not only for those who wants to lose weight, but people in the arts. A permanent control of the transverse and longitudinal muscles in the place which is called the center of energy that leads to improved balance and a statement of the case. All actions, after some time, begin using the center. In addition, what is valuable for losing weight, this point allows to significantly strengthen the deep abdominal muscles and make the stomach flat. In addition, corrects posture, which also adds to the attractiveness and visual harmony.

Control center and thoughts leads to another principle of Pilates is precision of the exercises. Pilates involves correct loading of each cell of the body at the right time. And as a result all items are made slowly and smoothly, because only so can come to perfect the study of muscles and their stretching. In addition, don’t forget that thanks to the control carried out the principle of isolation. When working with a particular area, the rest should not feel any load. That is, straining legs, nothing else to help them should not be.

And, no doubt, a fundamental point is the systematic training. Even the most effective Pilates exercises for weight loss will not help if you hold classes once a month, remembering them when left heel get scratched. Only organized work will give results. And, of course, positive approach.

Statement of the case and exercise Pilates for beginners

the First exercise of Pilates from the complex should be performed that will help to feel your center and breathing. This kind of preparatory item, without mastering of which makes no sense to move on to other Pilates exercises for weight loss.

you want to stand up straight to distribute weight on the foot, to stretch the top up to select a point in front of him. Seek the shoulders down, the spine is straightened, the abdomen is retracted. This raises the feeling like he was glued to the spine. Hips move forward, pelvis slightly raised, whereby the navel upwards. Feel like upward dog pulled the zipper, buttoning the body, and after the dog pulled all. His chest rises up, but no deflection in the back and protrusion of the ribs. In this position, which will remain in any exercise, regardless of body position, feet and hands, you need to take deep breaths, extending the spine.

Pretty simple exercise Pilates from the complex is carried out in the supine position. Legs bent at the knees and place the width of the pelvis, feet parallel. Under the head can put a flat pillow, so as not to create tension in the neck. The palm lay down on my stomach. To make a deep inhale back and exhale, at the same time sending bent leg toward your chest. Once she reaches the destination, all the same not stopped the exhale, pull up her other leg. To bring new breath and again exhale to return to starting position first one and then the other leg. To execute eight times.

Another simple exercise for beginners Pilates from the complex is performed in the position lying on his stomach. Arms along the body, palms face up. The state of the body all toned the same as in the preparatory element. Under the forehead, you can put a flat pillow. On the exhale, the upper body off the floor a few inches, creating a strong bend in the back. The top of the head to reach forward, fingertips of hands ago. Buttocks and inner thighs tense, of the foot are stretched, the scapula together. To take a breath, sensing the body from head to toe, and then gently exhale, slowly falling back. Eight iterations.

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