Porridge diet

Reviews of the diet on cereals is very positive. Many people who held such power systems, recorded a significant reduction in weight and cleansing the body of toxins.

It is also in the process of consumption of cereals, they celebrated a big burst of energy and strength, excellent health and a good mood throughout the day. While such diets are not visited by their hunger, because the grains are satisfying, but the low calorie diet.

However, there are negative reviews about diet on porridges. They can be heard only by those people who do not like to eat cereals and is considered a food bland and monotonous.

Experienced dietitians used diet consisting of cereals, for the treatment of various chronic diseases. This is due to the rich composition of cereals. Also, they are good at nursing seriously ill patients and children.

Positive feedback about diet on porridges for weight loss and also give doctors. They explain this by the fact that the cereals contain a sufficient amount of carbohydrates that are broken down over a long period of time and for a long time left to human well-fed.

The benefits of diet on porridges for weight loss

On the basis of cereals developed enough of diets. They are easily tolerated by man, are available and are great for weight loss. Moreover, such a diet is balanced and low-calorie.

Diet on porridge diet should not last more than two weeks. If in the future to adhere to such a diet and do not include any additional products that can harm their health.

Grains need to select only those species that have been less processing. In this case, their properties are much healthier for the body. Therefore it is recommended to use a variety of cereals such as buckwheat, barley, oatmeal, lentils, rice and semolina.

Diet on porridge diet have some advantages. It should first be noted that the grains in the structure contains all the necessary elements for the normal and proper functioning of the body. And dishes that are made from them, are perfectly combined with other products.

Also, they are easily absorbed by the body and are the environmentally friendly product, because different cereals are no preservatives and other harmful substances. All of them contains a significant amount of vitamins and minerals.

Also, meals are prepared during the diet on porridges include in its membership a high content of fiber. It helps cleanse the digestive tract and bind fat in the human body that have a positive effect on weight loss.

In addition, grains are easy to prepare. They stimulate the metabolism, strengthen nails and hair, improves skin tone and provide a stable level of blood sugar.

All the diets based on cereals in cooking exclusively on the water without the addition of salt, sugar, oil and other types of fats. At the same time it’s best to alternate or combine cereal few of their species in a single day.

During this diet is necessary to use split meals. On the day the number of meals should be at least 4-5 times. You need to eat small portions, and about every three hours. Before the meal, be sure to drink pure table water without gas.

Weight Loss 6 cereals

In recent years become very popular diet 6 cereals. It is designed for 6 days, in each of which used a certain type of cereals. By following such a diet will be able to lose weight 6-10 kg. Weight loss depends on your initial body weight. The more you weigh, the more effective you will lose weight.

This power supply system includes a 6 mono-diet, during which each specific kind of porridge reduces the weight by using their individual dietary properties. For example, oatmeal accelerates metabolism and metabolic processes in the body, because it contains 10 of the most beneficial vitamins and minerals.

It was the first cereals included in the list for 6 porridge diet. This porridge is prepared on water or milk. During the day you need to eat 3-4 servings of cereal. For effective weight loss should be to exclude the use of salt and sugar. You also need to drink green tea and pure table water without gas.

The second in the list of the six cereals for diet includes cereals buckwheat. Many systems for weight loss is based on it. Calorie buckwheat still lower than oatmeal. It also contains a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, its features are very useful for the body.

The second day diet 6 cereals – buckwheat. Throughout the day you want to eat buckwheat, drink, table water and green or black tea. And on the third day, the preference should be given to rice. It should also be eating all day, providing sufficient water regime.

As you know, figure appears natural source of free energy. This term refers to foods that are in the process of digestion in the body do not constitute fatty deposits. In addition, rice is a full meal, it can be used for a long time without harm to your health.

The fourth day is devoted to cereals in the diet of lentils. It stands the oldest foodstuff to which our body is genetically predisposed. On the basis of the cereals built many systems for weight loss. But its main advantage is specific lentil protein. By its nutritional value it contains no cholesterol and fat.

Lentils is an environmentally friendly product, it is composed of iron, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, iodine, phosphorus, calcium and many other useful elements for the body.

On the fifth day diet should eat six cereals semolina. It relaxes the muscle wall of the stomach and easily satisfies hunger.

Semolina – is also environmentally friendly dietary product, which actively promotes weight loss due to the rapid assimilation and digestion.

On the last day in the diet should eat millet porridge grits. She has valuable dietary properties, gives strength, fills one with youth and health.

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