Proper nutrition and diet

There are many diets as a therapeutic and slimming. Some of them are composed by dietitians, part – the result of the self-taught. What kind of diet to lose weight safely and correctly? Who is the most effective, and most importantly, the right diet for weight loss are considered to be a calorie restricted diet, balanced nutritional composition of the food and nutrition program such that allow for complex health problems, not just excess weight.

Before you start any action to change the food (especially in severe cases) should consult a physician, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist and a cardiologist. Perhaps it is useful to visit and gynecologist. Often overweight is next to a number of diseases, and sometimes called them. One should not get involved in self and traditional methods. Proper diet for weight loss can make a nutritionist, endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist. Perhaps the culprit is stress overweight. In this case, you should address to the psychotherapist. If the cause is psychological, when her weight gradually normalized elimination itself.

Proper nutrition in the diet

A balanced nutrition in a diet – it is very important. If your diet involves restricting calories, it is important to correctly distribute the proteins, fats and carbohydrates within the daily calories.

Do not sharply limit their power. Even a difference of 200 calories consumed between you and your usual norm daily calorie consumption contributes to weight loss. Restricted diet calories a day to 1,200 calories – this is extreme. When at rest the average person spends 1,500 calories a day and taking into account the work of movement, minimal exercise – 2000-2500 kcal per day, reduce the number of calories to half level, you require a day – is a direct path to gain weight more longer.

Of course, if your goal – to lose the holiday the maximum number of kilos – perhaps this is a way out. But such extreme measures may result in saggy skin, stress to the body as a whole, and as a result – a syndrome starving. In short: the body placed in stressful conditions for him (severely restricting food) “frightened” and tries to catch up, even with the stock. So instead of express diets are good as a short-term remedy, it is better to make the menu of proper diet, comprehensively consider and balance your diet, change your eating habits.

For example, French fries are best eaten with a salad of fresh greens, and no more than once a week. Or Coca-Cola, which is best used only as a substitute for coffee, if you want to raise the pressure, because she herself, especially on an empty stomach, it is too aggressive for the stomach and leads to gastritis and ulcers. These are two simple examples of fast food. Moreover, both of these products – high in calories, they are also harmful to the stomach. And nutrients are not available. But that is no reason to give them up. It is necessary to try to replace them more useful products such as compote and baked potatoes. Even if the baked potato with vegetables, meat or fish will be the same number of calories, benefit from it will be more. Incidentally, 0.5 l. Coca-Cola, and 200 grams of fries – 210 calories and is 600-800 kcal, respectively.

The principles of good nutrition

So, is it worth to give up certain foods because they are high in calories? What should be part of the menu with the right diet?

The menu proper diet should take into account the percentage of protein, fat and carbohydrates. The best ratio of 50% carbohydrates, 25-35 – proteins, and the rest – fats. Fats are required. But if carbohydrates for breakfast can still be useful to replace the porridge of whole grains “empty” carbohydrates corn flakes, then replace the natural butter in the spread – is not only useful, but even harmful. Better yet, buy olive, canola or corn oil, cold pressed. Sausage can be easily replaced by other sources of protein, such as mushrooms, eggs, turkey and fish. White bread and pasta soft wheat should be replaced by cereals, pasta and brown rice. Approximately half of the carbohydrates should be fruits and vegetables.

The right diet is important cooking with a minimum loss of flavor and beneficial properties of the original product. It is impossible to prepare the ingredients for a dish several times. So, for example, better put half cooked stuffed rice and dropped down slightly (to separate) cabbage. Likewise, a soup: Each vegetable is added separately, according to schedule (based on the cooking time for them). Useful meals are prepared quickly and easily. All products are identifiable and look appetizing on their own, and not because they abundantly watered sauce. In addition, it is necessary to get a high-quality kitchen ware and appliances for cooking: frying pan, which consumes minimal oil (Teflon, for example), Aerogrill, steamer, juicer.

If the food can be eaten raw, it is best to eat raw, at least partly. Of course, against the raw food diet can cause many arguments in terms of the gastrointestinal tract (cooked vegetables – more sparing for the intestine). But that fresh fruits and berries more vitamins, all agree.

Eating with the right diet should be varied. Of course, it is best to choose fruits and vegetables grown in your region, for several reasons: the timing of transportation, unaccustomed to strangers fruit that can cause allergies. Eat better food that corresponds to the season.

The portions should be neither small nor large. Just take a bowl slightly smaller volume than usual, and do not rush for more, wait a bit: the body in just 20 minutes will feel satiety.

And do not forget to respect the power. As for the volume of food consumed during the day, often it proposed scheme is as follows: 25% -50% -25%. This is about the distribution of food a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But among them, you can afford to have a snack in the form of fruit or tea.

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