Protein diet

Protein diet – one of the most effective. If you begin to comply with all its requirements, the process of weight loss will be comfortable and productive. Eating protein-rich foods to eat for a long time is able to satisfy your hunger and to contribute to recovery of muscle tissue. This means that the protein diet for weight loss – the most suitable diet for the program “sport and proper nutrition.”

Why can not completely exclude carbohydrates?

Many types of diets promote the following recipe: you can eat lean chicken, veal, fish, drink different drinks, but without sugar. Other products need to be avoided. This menu protein diet can not be considered healthy and balanced. Authors of similar schemes recommended diet for 10 – 14 days to have taken place “changes in metabolism.”

In fact, the rejection of carbohydrate can cause various disorders in the functioning of the body. The complete absence of carbohydrates and a considerable amount of junk food consumed leads to ketosis – poisoning ketone bodies. In addition, such protein diet promotes an imbalance in feeding behavior. Man gets used to eating large portions of food, regardless of hunger, because an excess of protein particles in the body the appetite is dulled. As a result, proponents of improper protein diets for weight loss are gaining back the previous kgs. There are negative reviews about the protein diet.

Many of the creators of the diet are convinced that the exclusion of carbohydrates – it is an essential condition for reducing weight. During the occurrence of ketosis the body is forced to draw energy from fat. However, recent studies showed that the protein diet should not be devoid of carbohydrate. Weight loss depends on caloric foods daily diet and what you eat carbohydrates.

How to make a protein diet menu for weight loss?

Weight loss is likely only if the energy deficit. You will have to eat less. Through hunger proteins will be less pronounced.

The most literate is a plan of daily caloric protein diet menu. For this it is necessary to determine the rate of metabolism of the organism, it will calculate the required amount of food. The figures obtained metabolic rate must be added about 800 kcal / day, if you lead an active lifestyle and constant exercise, and 300 kcal / day, if your lifestyle is passive. After receiving a number, you can begin compiling menus protein diet.

Principles of the protein diet

Reviews protein diet suggests that the effectiveness of weight loss depends on compliance with its basic principles. Firstly, the food should be taken 4 – 6 times a day. The last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime. Each meal should consist of a portion of the protein and the use of additional ingredients.

Up to two hours of the day are allowed to use 1 – 2 servings a source of complex carbohydrates. It may be 6 tablespoons of buckwheat, oats, rice porridge. From other starchy foods should be completely abandoned. After two hours of the day protein products are used only with non-starchy vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, courgettes and tomatoes). Fruit is also limited. They can be used in the morning and in small quantities. It is advisable to completely abandon the use of beverages with sugar substitutes between meals. Animal fat should be limited to 30 – 40 g per day.

Protein foods should consume at each meal. This may be a chicken breast (150 – 200 g), seafood (150 – 300 g) lean fish (150 – 200 g), veal (100 g), tofu (150 – 200 g), low-fat cottage cheese (180 – 250 g), whey protein isolate (a glass of skim milk and 30 grams of protein powder), serving cocktails diet, egg white (4 – 6 pcs.).

Fry food, bake it with cheese and watered from above fatty sauces strictly prohibited. Allowed to use soy sauce and balsamic vinegar, garlic, lemon juice.

It is worth noting that the reviews are positive protein diet only if it is combined with weight training. Due to intense physical activity and protein diet manage to lose weight 10 kg for 2 weeks.

The protein Dukan Diet

The most popular among the ladies enjoyed slimming protein Dukan Diet. She, like any protein diet is based on eating foods that are high in protein. At the same time, carbohydrates drastically limited.

There are four phases of the protein Dukan Diet:

  • The first phase involves the use of only protein.
  • The second phase – alternation between protein and protein-vegetable of the day, allowing the weight to stabilize.
  • Consolidation phase protein Dukan Diet comes at achieving this goal.
  • Stabilization phase based on strict compliance with certain requirements that contribute to the maintenance of achieved weight.

Menu protein diet doctor Ducane presupposes a single “protein” days a week. This rule must be observed throughout life. Only in this way will be able to keep the weight at the same level.

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