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In recent years become a very popular diet is protein-carbohydrate alternation. It aims at reducing the weight by means of alternating protein and carbohydrate diet. It is believed that such variation in the number of these substances has an impact on the safe and effective weight loss.

it is also known that diets low in carbohydrates can lead to the loss of muscle mass. During this power can manifest depression, frequent mood swings, fatigue and reduced efficiency.

rotation diet of proteins and carbohydrates is aimed at addressing these problems. Keeping the system power, you can lose weight gradually and effectively keep the results achieved over a long period of time.

It is important to note that the reduction in the amount of carbohydrates consumed in the days of protein contributes to the rapid excretion of fluids. If you actively use these days exercise, can effectively reduce weight. And the days of carbohydrate help replenish energy reserves and energy of man. This will improve your health and mood.

The main recommendations in protein-carbohydrate supply system

During the rotation diet of proteins and carbohydrates activates the metabolic process in the body. This is facilitated by the constant change of the amount consumed carbohydrates and proteins, which in turn is the main advantage of such power systems.

The disadvantages of protein-carbohydrate diets include a significantly lower rate of weight loss than with other systems of losing weight. The reason is that while low-carb days, most of the nutrients that enter the body, goes back into the oil. Furthermore, there is a risk of gastritis, gastric ulcers and other intestinal diseases.

Before the rotation diet of carbohydrates and protein, you should consider some of the recommendations. First and foremost, it is important to understand that among all the food can not be clearly identified only protein or carbohydrate. For example, many dairy simultaneously contain these two substances.

During the days you need to comply with the protein count calorie diet. In this menu these days should consist of foods that contain a low percentage of fat. As a food, you can use cottage cheese, tuna, lean meat, or other types of fish.

When the protein rotation diet of these products will contribute to the burning of body fat stores pending. In turn, these processes will intensify weight loss.

The days of low-carb diet, it is important to carefully plan and calculate the daily rate of protein. But count the number of carbohydrates consumed are not required. During this period, they, as well as fats are eliminated or minimized.

During a diet, it is important to use the alternation of carbohydrate foods that are high in carbohydrates. It can be a variety of cereal, pasta, wheat and vegetables.

Calorie daily diet should be 1200 kcal to 3500 kcal. This diet should be such that it includes the required rate of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals.

Menu protein-carbohydrate rotation diet

The power supply circuit during the rotation diet of carbohydrate and protein diet is quite simple. It can stick to until you reach the desired result. However, it is important for the first and second days of use the minimum number and maximum number of carbohydrate protein.

On the third day of the diet should minimize the use of proteins and carbohydrates, on the contrary, to maximize. The fourth day though it is considered average, but carbohydrates should be consumed more than proteins.

Let us consider in more detail the menu each day of the rotation diet. In the days of protein to your diet should consist of five meals.

For breakfast you can eat cheese and drink tea without sugar. At lunch, should make an omelet.

Lunch in these days of diet protein-carbohydrate alternation may include fish, steamed, and one cucumber. At mid-morning snack should be consumed kefir or yogurt.

As the dinner is well suited boiled chicken or beef stew. And before going to bed you can drink fermented baked milk.

In the days of carbohydrate in the rotation diet as a breakfast cereal is well suited. If desired, they can add milk, dried fruit and honey. Lunch should consist of two apricots or an apple.

In the days of carbohydrate meal is aimed at the use of boiled rice, buckwheat or pasta with a tomato-based sauce. Also on the menu to include dinner salad and a small slice of rye bread.

At lunch during the diet can eat one interlace any fruit. Dinner consists of salad on the basis of leafy vegetables, grilled meat or fish, and bread. At night you can drink kefir or fermented baked milk.

In the protein-carbohydrate days during the diet should be consumed for breakfast porridge with the addition of dried fruit and yogurt. Lunch consists of a single apple.

At lunch allowed to cook fish or meat for a couple, and as a side dish – boiled rice or buckwheat. Snack includes fermented baked with honey. And for dinner, you can eat boiled lentils with vegetable stew. Before going to bed is recommended to consume yogurt or drinking yoghurt.

Repeat protein and carbohydrate diet during the days of alternating allowed any number of times. Within two months of such a system power, you can lose weight by 5 to 15 kg.

In addition, to make the menu for protein and carbohydrate days very easy. It’s enough to have on hand a table calorie products. They provides all the information you need.

Also, to produce diet rotation diet recommended table glycemic index. The most suitable products for such diets will serve those with the lowest.

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