Rusks – a product made of flour with low humidity, or, quite simply, dried bread. They are loved by many children and adults who like to nibble delicious pieces of crackers with a glass of sweet tea or coffee.

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
crumbs of white bread 331 kcal 11,2 g 1,4 g 72,2 g
rye crackers 336 kcal 16 g 1 g 70 g
cream crackers 414 kcal 9,7 g 9,1 g 72,9 g
biscuits with sugar 368 kcal 9,5 g 4,2 g 72,1 g
biscuits with raisins 395 kcal 8,4 g 4,9 g 78,5 g
biscuits with candied fruit 384 kcal 9,7 g 3,5 g 80,3 g
breadcrumbs 347 kcal 9,7 g 1,9 g 77,6 g

Types of crackers

There are two types of crackers – simple and rich. Simple crackers made from wheat, rye and wheat-rye flour. They are recommended for people who have digestive problems, as easily absorbed by the body. Unlike fresh bread crumbs are not simple cause flatulence, but also an excellent substitute for any calories.

Butter crackers made from wheat flour first or second grade, fat and sugar, as well as a variety of additives used to add flavor and taste. Full-flavored crackers, but quite useful for the organism, because of its harmfulness, they are similar to fancy bakery products.

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