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Every second woman dreams about the existence of an effective and simple diet, which allows a short time to get into your favorite skirt or even give an impetus embarked weight. And then, and more can serve as a fair motivation for further weight loss, because the result will be very sorry to lose.

No matter how many times or told the world that the most effective and simple a diet, requiring, however, her life following the basics, it’s the right food, the fair sex will still look for something better, preferably, the instantaneous transformation of the figure. And yet – not requiring meticulous calorie counting, takes time, effort, and slugger any desire to continue to adhere to this technique. It’s a simple product are all easy and complicated dishes require little knowledge of higher mathematics.

How to prepare for any diet and get out of it?

The question of the correct behavior before, during and after the diet it is important to read before you start mercilessly shred your diet. Because a foolish step could lead to the collapse of the entire system, and the effort required for a few days, will be meaningless.

Experts recommend when selecting even the simplest diet to consult a physician for serious illnesses. Any significant change in the menu, especially towards the unfamiliar foods or regulations may result in negative consequences. Moreover, not only for the digestive system, but also for the functioning of the brain, heart, blood vessels or other vital organs.

For a day or two before going on any diet – even a simple one-day, two-week long though – it is advisable to discharge day. It will help clean the intestines of toxins, as well as prepare the body for what it will do much smaller amounts of food, fell slightly like-kick. By the way, it was a fasting day is very simple diet of all. During the day you can lose up to a kilogram, and at the same time do something good digestive system. Exactly how to do it – to find out more.

To finish the diet should also be right. Depending on how the system has been tight supply, which had to adhere to, you need to select a term out of it. On the first day after the diet need to eat often, but small portions. Preference is given to fresh vegetables or steamed. In the second to introduce cereal, boiled eggs, fruit. Food try to cook stew or steam thoroughly, but in any case not to fry. This will not only save the obtained result of the diet, but not to drive under stress gastrointestinal tract.

Five of the most effective and easiest diets

As mentioned above, the most effective and simple diet – fasting day. Or else – mono-diet. It is held mostly on yogurt, a little less – on apples, or buckwheat. There are also options for vegetables, green tea and even chocolate. What you need and what monodiets best?

  • One and a half liter of kefir small percentage of fat divided into 5-6 meals. It is desirable that it was not a fresh product, and the second or third day of production. Plain water is certainly in this day is forbidden. And the only thing you need to remember this is a contraindication simple diet for people suffering from lactase deficiency.
  • The second option – to use for a day two kilos of apples, preferably not sweet. Just as in the case of yogurt, divide them into 5-6 meals. Apples can be baked in the oven or microwave. Water to drink is necessary. And it should be borne in mind that this option is the discharge of the day is used with caution in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The third option – for those who are going to go on a protein diet or can not eat some vegetables and dairy products. This simple diet lasting for one day … meat. For its implementation boiled about five hundred grams of lean beef or turkey, again divided into five parts, eat with vegetables. As a suitable lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage.

In addition to these systems, which is used mainly one product, there are a number of simple diets, lasting for several more. They are designed for up to a week, their menu also not very diverse, and reset the weight depends on the individual parameters. The main advantage of them all – the decline in the stomach, thus already at the end of the diet will not eat as much as before it started.

This simple diet based on the Mediterranean diet and lasts for ten days. It is quite gentle to the body, but quite effective. In the first week you need to put the basis of their own menu fruit, natural yoghurt, thermally processed vegetables and vegetable broth to cooked rice. At night drunk about two liters of clean water. Coffee and alcohol are prohibited.

Then, three days should eat berries, yogurt, low-fat, oatmeal on water. Permissible baked pasta, chicken, vegetables and pineapples.

And the last two days of the diet leave only boiled vegetables and white meat chicken, pineapple, low-fat cheese such as “tofu».

With a variety of menus such a system can be considered one of the easiest diet that is not difficult to sustain without disruption.

The last simple diet, calculated weekly and based on the principle of mono-diet, as follows:

  • On Monday, the main product – boiled potatoes, the number of which is a day not more than 7 units. In addition to his one and a half liter of kefir.
  • Tuesday – steamed or boiled fish, 400 grams for the day. Also, a half liter of kefir.
  • Wednesday – any fruit and vegetables to a total of one and a half kilos of bananas and grapes, as well as potatoes, are prohibited. Again, a half liter of kefir.
  • Thursday – the entire day on mineral water.
  • Friday – the basis of the menu is boiled chicken of 400 grams per day. All the same half liter of kefir.
  • Saturday – boiled lean beef, over 400 grams. Again yogurt.
  • Sunday – net Kefir day.

This simple diet is quite effective, but require mandatory consultation with the doctor.

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