Stewed cabbage

Stewed cabbage – a unique dish that incorporates a huge number of different substances and vitamins beneficial to human health.

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
Stewed cabbage 60 kcal 1,8 g 2,1 g 5,3 g
cabbage stew with pork 83,2 kcal 9 g 3 g 3,2 g
cabbage stew with chicken 84 kcal 10 g 3,2 g 4,5 g

The benefits and contraindications to the use of cabbage

The most useful for the person considered to be the cabbage, because it contains the most vitamins and minerals. It is the most common in our region, and is particularly rich in vitamin C, it is even more than the lemon. For this reason, the fight against infectious diseases, and to strengthen the immune system also use the cabbage well, not just lemons.

In addition cabbage displays the body of toxic substances and waste products, cleanses the body, improves bowel, eliminates constipation and helps the body burn fat.

It is worth noting that the nutrients are best stored in the sauerkraut. In the process of ferment cabbage to produce vitamin B and C, which strengthens the nervous and immune system, and vitamin K, which is responsible for blood clotting.

Cabbage (eg stew) is not desirable to use a large number of people with kidney disease, stomach and intestines, diabetes.

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