Summer diet

Summer – the best time to enrich the body with beneficial vitamins and trace elements. It was during this time on our tables there are fresh fruits and vegetables, which strengthens the immune system and make a figure slimmer. At this time, wishing to lose weight should pay attention to the best diet for the summer.

They are very simple and quite diverse. Among these dietary supply systems preferred fruit or vegetable group. They are versatile and easily tolerated by the body.

diet menu for the summer is always helpful. Because the basic diet consists of fresh or steamed vegetables. One of the best dishes of the summer diet is salads. For their preparation, you can combine all kinds of vegetables.

Fruit and berries and stone fruit, vegetable diet is a dietary supplement and make it more diverse and delicious. From fruit and salads can be prepared and used for filling low-fat yogurt.

Interesting facts about the summer a dietary diet

A balanced and light food – this is the best diet for the summer. We know that in the winter to warm our body needs more fat and high-calorie food. In the summer of such loads to anything. Therefore, you should switch to a more light and vitamin diet.

Nutritionists believe that in the heat necessary to use those products that are easier to digest. And from the meat should be abandoned. But this does not mean that they should be completely excluded from the diet. It would be enough to replace fatty meats chicken or beef boiled.

During the summer diets need to say “no” to the fried food. Meals can be steamed, roasted or boiled. They will be much more useful and positive impact on your figure.

It is important to provide your body with sufficient amounts of liquid. Because in the summer we sweat more than, respectively, and need to drink more. At normal temperatures and moderate physical activity a person should consume 1-1.5 liters of water per day. And in the summer it increases the amount to 2-2.5 liters.

In addition, it is required to determine the stiffness of the diet for the summer. Some prefer more sparing options, others – completely restrict your diet, and third will be enough to arrange for themselves fasting days.

During this period, the basic rule for them will be the abandonment of fried, spicy and greasy. Otherwise, like fruit or fasting days will not bring any good to the body. And all the efforts will be in vain.

A positive aspect of diets in the summer can be considered an opportunity to eat tasty and varied. This means eating lots of vegetables and fruits, normal metabolism, enhance immunity, improve the work of the liver, skin and hair.

The main drawback of such diets are contraindications for people who have allergies or observed violations of the kidneys. However, restrictions may be imposed only on certain varieties of fruit and vegetables.

The best summer diet

Consider the version of the diet for the summer, which will help you easily lose a few extra kilos and prepare your body for the beach season. Dietary menu is very simple and easily absorbed by the body. The duration of the diet – 7 days.

The diet is the first day of vegetables. Should opt for one or more of their species. The number of meals to be not less than 5 times a day. Vegetables desirable to use raw. Of these, you can prepare salads, and for fueling use olive oil.

The second day of the summer diet should be fruit. Well suited apples, pears and oranges. And if hunger would bother you too much, you can drink kefir. Quantity of food – 5-6 times.

menu consists of the third day of the berries. It is necessary to choose the one they look and eat throughout the day. Remember and the number of the liquid consumed. In the day to drink at least 2 liters of mineral water without gas.

The fourth day of the diet for the summer should be devoted to dairy products. Of these need to choose for themselves and one to use throughout the day. Well suited kefir, yogurt or fermented baked milk. They need to drink small amounts of not less than 6 times a day.

If you would worry much hunger, allowed to use a little fat-free yogurt with fresh fruit. Always worth to monitor the amount of fluids you drink. In those days, you can drink green tea with lemon.

On the fifth day diet menu for the summer consists of vegetables. The main meals should be selected one or two vegetable. On this day, it is better to use boiled and drink green tea with lemon sugar.

The sixth day again dedicate berries. For this is well suited cherry, peach or apricot. And before going to bed is recommended to drink a glass of kefir. Number of meals should be at least 5-6.

On the last day diet menu for the summer consists of juice. Throughout the day you need to drink only fruit or vegetable juice. You can drink green tea with lemon and pure non-carbonated mineral water.

Consider another version of the summer diet. It is also designed for 7 days. The main dish will be cabbage soup. To make it, take six small onion, parsley, half of cabbage, 4 carrots and fresh tomatoes. They can be replaced with tomato juice (400 g). All ingredients should be crushed and boil for one hour.

On the first day of the diet for the summer need to eat any fruit (except bananas), as well as cabbage soup. It can be consumed in unlimited quantities, because of its very low calorie. And adhering to this diet, will be able to lose weight per day per 1 kg.

On the second day you want to eat any vegetables, except potatoes, peas and beans boiled soup. On the third day – as soup and fruit. On the fourth – 5-6 bananas, skim milk and soup. On the fifth day – again, soup, 300-400 g boiled beef or chicken.

On the sixth day of the diet for the summer need to eat beef, a salad of fresh vegetables and soup. It is not recommended to eat fruit. And the last day should be devoted to boiled rice with salad, fruit and a cabbage soup.

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