Sushi roll calories

Sushi roll calories

Because of the diversity of Japanese cuisine sushi and rolls become more popular. Sushi roll calories value is low and they are used as a main menu for fasting days.

Sushi roll calories

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
roll “California” with crab 176 kcal 7 g 8,8 g 17,2 g
Roll “Philadelphia” 142 kcal 9,7 g 6,7 g 10,8 g
Roll “Harumaki” 242 kcal 14,4 g 15,2 g 11,9 g
Roll “Alaska” 90 kcal 4,2 g 2,7 g 12,2 g
roll with salmon 128 kcal 6,8 g 2,7 g 19,3 g
Roll “Kyoto” 155 kcal 8,4 g 6,3 g 16 g
Roll “Dragon Maki” 189 kcal 4,8 g 11,4 g 16,7 g

How useful rolls?

The main rice health benefits is that it cleanses the body, has a shielding property, stimulate the intestines, bringing excess moisture from the body toxins. There are many vitamins and minerals. In fish, especially marine, meat is considered a dietary. In general low-calorie fish in a lot of nutrients that strengthen bones, a beneficial effect on mental activity. Salmon, which is considered high calorific fish in sushi present as an additive in portions being balanced with the other ingredients. Such fish useful to use small amounts because it has many polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential for the organism, such as omega-3.

The recipe rolls

The basic recipe requires a rolls of rice, nori seaweed, filling and mats. For example, we give the recipe roll “Philadelphia».

You will need:

    • Philadelphia cheese 100-150 grams (you can substitute any other cream cheese);
    • ripe avocados (in terms of home cooking cucumber replaced) 1 pc;.
    • salted salmon (it is assumed that it is possible to replace the smoked, but better not) (300 grams);
    • nori seaweed (3 sheets);
    • vinegar, better special (rice, can be replaced with apple) (50 ml, 1 \ 4 cup);
    • rice (best special sushi rice, with its parameters of cooking and stickiness) – 250 g (glass)

As well as water, salt (1 hr. Teaspoon), sugar (1 tbsp. Spoon), food film, bamboo mat, wasabi, soy sauce and ginger.

Brewed rice on the rolls. Best in multi-cooker. Rice must be washed from gluten and cook as rice, that it was crumbly. The vinegar is heated, it dissolves the salt and sugar. Avocado cut along the entire length of the strips (cleaned before it from the skins). Hot rice to mix with vinegar and let cool. Nori laid out on the mat, on top of the mass of molded rice. Hands and knife better periodically moisten with water and vinegar to the rice to them not limes. Fig distributed over the surface of nori, then turn over the nori, folding in half, into the rice. Exactly in the center of the cheese is spread, “track”. Avocados are placed side by side. Then, using the mat, it’s all rolled into roll tightly. Further operation is repeated on a mat spread sliced ​​fish plates, thin layer. Roll of rice and fillings rolled again with the mat, enveloping layer of fish. Then roll cut into portions rolls. Wasabi, soy sauce and ginger served with rolls to the table.

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