Swedish Diet

The number of diets is growing by leaps and bounds. After increasing demand leads to the same surge in demand. Daily attempts to create the most balanced low-calorie diet that is less harm to the body, but will give an impressive result. Even assuming that the title of the most gentle and effective “diet” for a long time reserved for proper nutrition, work-it is not as fast as we would like. And sometimes you have to resort to various systems of losing weight, calculated for a week or two.

The Swedish Diet refers specifically to such methods, it is slowly gaining popularity among women and men. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the key products are quite nutritious things: meat, fish, milk, eggs, buckwheat, potatoes. Also, some fruits and vegetables. As a result, if a quick estimate this list does not seem hungry regime.

Reviews of the Swedish diet online is also quite actively inspire feats. That is why it is very difficult to resist and not to try the forces. Exactly how to do it – explained below.

It is necessary to mention that the Swedish diet is not suitable for persons suffering lactase deficiency since milk occupies a central position, as a mandatory component of the breakfast. In addition, it is desirable for those who have gastritis with high acidity. And, of course, if there is at least some suspicion of serious diseases, especially gastro-intestinal tract, it is better to consult a doctor.

One of the menu options of the Swedish diet for 7 days

Painted lower power scheme allows some changes within the framework of authorized products and serves only as an example to the menu that you can make. Also, the days allowed to change places: the result will not change.


The morning begins with a glass of warm milk with a low percentage of body fat, supplemented with buckwheat on the water without salt and oil. The amount is equal to one serving of cereal in one hundred grams.

Dinner acts-ounce piece of steamed fish, about 100 grams of potatoes in their skins and the same green leaf lettuce. You can flavor them with vegetable or olive oil.

As used cabbage dinner with onions, weighing 200 grams. They are combined with a couple of boiled eggs and a glass of warm milk.


Breakfast looks the same as on Monday. For dinner, boil 150 grams of potatoes, the same amount of steamed beet with low-fat sour cream spoon, take a slice of white bread.

For dinner, consume hundred grams portion of salad with green pepper, onion and tomato, mix it with 50 grams of cheese and adding a glass of milk.


Breakfast can vary by drinking a glass of apple juice and adding to it a couple of toast – fried in a dry frying pan slices of bread.

At lunch cook boiled meat – about 70 grams – and buckwheat porridge on the water without salt and oil. A serving is the same – hundred grams.. Bonus – large apple or an orange.

Supper portion of rice on the water, a glass of milk and salad, which again tomatoes, green peppers and onions.


In the morning there is again a glass of warm milk, but now to him in a couple is a slice of bread and about 60 grams of cheese.

Dine vegetable salad, chicken baked in foil – 250 gramms. To add a glass of apple juice.

For dinner portion of mashed potatoes without butter, a glass of milk, a slice of bread and a slice of cheese 80 gram.


For breakfast will need a large orange and a cup of yogurt.

For lunch make mincemeat of the meat (preferably steamed or baked in the oven), to attach to it hundred grams portion of boiled potatoes and a cup of herbal tea.

supper large orange, all-ounce serving of savory fruit, a glass of apple juice.


The morning began with the already usual cup of milk and a portion of rice without salt and oil.

Dine-ounce serving of boiled or baked fish in tandem with a pair of boiled potatoes and oranges.

To make a dinner salad with fresh vegetables, to take a slice of rye bread, apple and chop the meat portion.


At breakfast, a glass of milk again now with buckwheat.

In the afternoon to eat two or three boiled potatoes and steamed piece of meat weighing 150 grams.

Dine hundred grams part of rice without butter, a salad of green pepper, cucumber and cabbage with onions and a drop of vegetable oil.

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