Sweet cherry

Sweet cherry – tree plant, whose height ranges from 5 to 10 meters. In the wild tree found in the Caucasus, Ukraine, Russia. Today, throughout the world there are about 4000 varieties of sweet cherries. These in turn are divided into types – bigarro and Gini. Bigarro – kind of sweet cherries with a dense, crunchy pulp and colorless juice. He’s good in a fresh kind and for freezing and processing. Most of the form Biggar are varieties of sweet cherry middle and late ripening period.

product calorie protein fat carbohydrates
Sweet Cherry 50 kcal 1,1 g 0,4 ​​g 11,5 g
Dried sweet cherries 213 kcal 1,6 g 0,5 g 53 g
compote of sweet cherries 87 kcal 0,5 g 0,2 g 20,6 g
Sweet cherry jam 187 kcal 0,7 g 0,3 g 45,3 g

The Gini – soft varieties with soft, sweet and juicy flesh. They are characterized by the best qualities of taste than the variety bigarro. Gini disadvantage is that the berries are stored poorly and practically nontransportable. To this type belong to early varieties ripening.

The composition and use of Sweet cherry

In the berry a lot of useful minerals, which in no way can affect the value of calories cherries. For example, in Berry present in large quantities of potassium (250 mg / 100 g), vitamin C (20 mg / 100 g), iron (2 mg / 100 g). The fruit has a zinc, boron, iodine, manganese, calcium, fluorine, phosphorus, pectin, magnesium, vitamins A, E, PP, B.

Sweet Cherry has a tonic effect, can improve the immune system and appetite. Berry is necessary for anemia, helps to organize the work of the intestine.

Daily consumption of berries cherries can help relieve pain during urination, arthritis cure. A decoction of the leaves of Sweet cherry is a good diuretic.

Another wealth cherries are contained therein coumarin, responsible for the positive tone of the body. In their second only to the number of cherries currants, raspberries and a grenade. Therefore cherries recommended impaired people and those who have recently had a disease. Coumarins cherries improve mood. It is recommended every morning to eat 150 grams of fruit.

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