The American diet

Today is very popular so-called American diet.its basic principle is the full breakfast, moderate lunch and a complete rejection of the dinner. Diet has a second name – Hollywood diet, which arose due to the fact that many foreign singers, models and actresses have been able to lose weight and maintain normal weight thanks to a special diet. Many people know the diet for the title “Dinner minus”.

The American diet – low-fat diet, which requires reducing the amount of fat consumed, and if possible the complete elimination of the daily diet of alcoholic beverages, spices and foods containing fat. In this case it is necessary to increase the number of daily meals to 5. The last meal should be no later than 05.06 pm.

First, you must stick to your diet is not more than 2 weeks. During this time, you can understand the suitability of the body such diet. It is worth noting that the American diet does not set a goal to lose weight quickly in a short period of time. Rather, diet makes a smooth transition to a healthy diet.

Diet “roller coaster”

To anyone even the most perfect diet body gets used over time, which is accompanied by weight loss stops. To the effect of the diet is not weakened, you need to constantly change the amount of calories consumed daily. It is this theory has become “foundation” diet “roller coaster.”

Cycle diet – 3 weeks. During this time you need to change every day caloric intake. The first 3 days should be consumed 600 calories a day, the next 4 days must be accompanied by the use of foods containing 900 kcal, and during the penultimate week of the diet everyday food should contain 1,200 kcal. Last week a diet similar to the first.

Diet “roller coaster”, reviews of a variety which is difficult to comply with, as one who observes it, ever present hunger. At the same time, there are opinions about the diet, which characterize it as very effective. Over the entire period of dieting to lose manage up to 7 kg weight without gym.

The creator of the diet Martin Katan due to its own invention dropped 31 kg.

Sample menu diet

Developers American diet did not include restrictions on certain foods. However, preference should be given food that is not only full, but also brings the maximum benefit to the body.

The diet of the day at 600 calories. Breakfast can be a small piece of rye bread and a cup of tea without sugar. For lunch, it is recommended to use 100 grams of beef and boiled rice. You can also prepare a salad of radish and cucumber without refueling. In the evening you can eat an egg and a glass of nonfat yogurt.
Day, providing 900 kcal consumption, should include the following menu. Breakfast: whole grain bread, apple, black tea with a little sugar. Lunch: 100 grams of pasta, salad, vegetables, fish. For dinner, it is for a small banana, 100 g of cottage cheese, boiled egg.

1200 kcal diet includes the following products. Breakfast: oatmeal (200 g), rye bread, tea with a spoon of sugar. For dinner suit chicken boiled meat (200 g) and 100 g of buckwheat porridge. For dinner suit fruit salad. Main meals can be complemented by “bite” – a banana or a glass of kefir.

The most difficult period of the diet, “roller coaster” in reviews are considered the first three days when cope with the feeling of hunger is very difficult.

Another important feature of the diet is to avoid fats. It is bad for the condition of hair and skin. Therefore, it is important not to overdo it.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

Diet “roller coaster” in reviews has both positive and negative sides.

Among its advantages are the following:

  • 5 meals eliminates discomfort from hunger inherent basic share diets;
  • the diversity of the menu, which can vary according to the preferences of the person who adheres to a diet;
  • to develop a good habit to eat healthy and in small portions.

The disadvantages of the American diet include:

  • inability to reset the maximum weight in a short time;
  • the need to eat at a particular time;
  • a varied menu of diet takes time and considerable financial resources;
  • refusal to eat in the evening – the most difficult for modern man, come home at 7-8 pm.

Whatever it was, it was the American diet is in high demand, and continues to make women great results.

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