The basic diet rules

Weight loss diets are very different, even overtly harmful to the body. The most painless is a diet restricted calories, but with the distribution of food for the food composition. The difference in reducing the number of calories needed for your normal day, minimal nutrition – a balanced diet – easy.

But if you want to lose weight quickly, it is necessary to resort to express diets. They are not as forgiving. Some of them cause serious damage to, for example, shifting the acid-alkaline balance of the digestive system and the body as a whole. People with irregular eating habits, he’s already shifted to the acidity.

The Kremlin diet, for example, offers a lot of protein. This further shift toward acidity. It works by restricting for the “fast” carbohydrates. But the intestines in such a system runs the risk of goiter, which is not correct yogurts from advertising.

Similarly, the mono-diet: they are very limited supply of nutrients. Vitamins and minerals are taken drugs can not completely replace those that are absorbed from food.

So you need to know not only how to sit on a diet, but also how to get out of the diet. Especially from representing the stress to the body. And even those systems that do not harm the health and approved by dietitians, such as a technique to count calories, also require knowledge of the basic diet rules.

The basic diet rules

The question is not whether even how to sit on a diet, but rather, what diet to choose to damage from it was minimal and did not return kilograms. The basic diet rules the following:

Before starting the diet restrictions, but better – before deciding to lose weight gradually, not only for the holiday, ask your doctor, hand over analyzes and pass inspection. Will be useful:

  • endocrinologist;
  • gastroenterologist;
  • cardiologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • dietitian.

They determine whether you have health problems that cause violations weight. It will be longer, but many times more effective than new-fangled diet.

What you need to know the rules of the diet? The less strict diet, the less her departure from your usual diet, so it is slower acting and the minimal effect on the body. For example, the weight loss is enough to take away 200 calories from your daily calories. The minimum number of calories per day for women – 1200 kcal. Diets that provide 800 calories a day – in fact satisfied with your body and starvation. On the other hand, if your eating habits gradually lead to the problems of the body, they must be replaced. And strict diet rules can help to artificially limit the number and follow the composition of the food.

Forget any diet that suggests you limit the amount you drink in a day. Such short-term diets are simply deceiving: the weight of a few days is reduced by dehydration. In addition, it is very harmful, so also has no effect on your fat tissue, only the testimony of weights. In fact, even such diets contain restrictions on food, so yes, the body spends calories due to the sudden death. But it’s dangerous to set even more weight.

Any monodiet or partial (or full) Fasting should not last longer than four days. Otherwise, go unwanted changes in your body.

What are the rules to the diet in the case of deviations from it? Do not take diet as inevitable, take it as an experiment. If you are unbearable, do not throw the system rapidly. I want to eat forbidden foods – eat minimal doses to feel the taste. After that, do not despair. Maybe we should reconsider this method of weight loss, or to choose another, more suitable for you.

If you just decided to go back to normal after the holidays, it is enough to arrange a “fasting days”. This is also a diet, but not for long. Limit yourself makes sense in fatty foods and heavy to digest (such as pork, beef, and canned beans). This is done so that the digestive system, which received considerable strain after the holiday table, rested and come back to normal.

How to get out of the diet?

Different types of diet involves different in each case, the extent of damage to the body. The main issue for those who dare to diet, the following: how not to gain weight again? Should think not only about this. In fact, many systems with limited power harm feature: lost skin tone, fade hair, nails become brittle, immunity decreases – each in different ways.

Diet Express: involves low-calorie food of the day 3-4. Do not get better after her hard again, it will have to move to a proper diet completely. Small portions, many fermented milk, fruits and vegetables, exercise.

monodiet: brings considerable damage on vitamins and minerals. Exit – at least a week. Light, low-fat foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables, milk and cereals group. No high-calorie foods, fatty and fried.

A low-calorie diet: a long calorie restricted diet. Gradually increase the amount of calories, 200 calories every week – and to his standards. This little exercise.

A low-carb diet: gradually increase the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet. Suitable only useful carbohydrates: cereals, wholemeal bread, vegetables and fruit.

Typically, diets are dangerous “syndrome hungry” when the body due to the resulting stress begins to want to eat and makes stocks more than usual, why kilograms and returned. To avoid this, do not take too seriously the next miracle weight loss method. Better integrated attention to their health and to revise the diet.

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