Recommended daily calories for women

Daily continuous functioning of the human body provides a constant energy consumption. These costs are going to perform all activities and processes that occur in it. After all, when we walk, we eat, drink, sit, breathe, exercise and even sleep, our body consumes a certain amount of energy, in other words, calories, the stock of which must be replenished daily. The safest and most natural way to replenish your body with the necessary energy for a meal, with further splitting, so it is important to know your daily calories.

Even if you do not have excess weight, eat healthy, wholesome food, but do not know your rate of calories, you can easily gain extra weight, and all because perhaps you consume food, energy value is not you know, or it is higher than your body needs. To calculate daily calories for man, you need to consider not only calorie of food consumed and dishes, as well as its degree of physical activity, age and gender. How many calories we need on a daily basis, so that the body fully operational while maintaining normal weight, not allowing you to have the extra inches around the waist?

Scientists opinion about average daily calories for woman

At the end of the twentieth century Russian doctors came to the conclusion that to calculate daily calories that would be common to all, it is impossible. It was also shown that calories especially individual for each person and depends on the way of life, the level of intensity of physical activity, metabolism, body weight, and even human growth.

However, there is a certain average minimum figure that indicates how many calories the body needs for all vital processes. This figure is about 1200 kcal per day. Thus, if a person does not lead an active lifestyle and do not have regular physical activity, in order to maintain weight at a constant level in this case will need about 1,200 calories. But we should not forget that this is only an approximation, because even the calories for women is absolutely different, not to mention the men’s daily rate.

Daily calories for women of different types

Daily calories for different women may have fundamental differences. It depends on what goal we are pursuing at the same time, ie, want to maintain the weight within the existing indicators, we want to lose weight or get better. But if you talk about it in general, the daily calories – a certain number of calories in the diet, which allows you to maintain a normal, healthy state of the body, while not accumulating excess weight.

Daily calories for women is significantly different depending on age. For example, the greatest amount of energy is necessary for children, adolescents and women who lead an active life, or their job is connected with frequent physical activity. The smallest amount of energy consumed in older women, and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, all these factors determine the amount of calories and help choose the best diet.

As we know, women are most worried about their figure, so often they are chosen from a variety of low-calorie foods most prefer vegetables, light salads. But this is not always the case, because of the flour and sweet is almost impossible to give even the women. In fact, you can eat almost everything, but the main thing is always to observe daily calories and eat more of its permissible limits.

Since daily calories for women can not be determined exactly, look at an example. Below you can see the approximate number of calories per day, which are necessary in a girl aged 20 to 30 years in view of its activity:

  • sedentary (sedentary) lifestyle – 2000 calories;
  • the average activity (sedentary work half with movements) – 2200 calories;
  • active (constant movement) lifestyle – 2400 calories.

These data are suitable for women aged 31 to 50 years, but daily calories for women of this age should be reduced by about 200 units, and for women 50 years and older – to 400. The optimal rate of calories for young girls (especially students) is in the range 2700-2800 calories, and for pregnant and breast-feeding – 3200 and 3500 calories respectively. If you are an athlete and active in sports, you need to consume at least 4,000 calories a day.

How to calculate daily calories for women?

In order to properly and accurately calculate calories for themselves individually, you can use ready-made formulas calculation, depending on whether you go to get a result. So the daily calories (DNA) is calculated so:

– If you want to lose weight, DNA = weight (desired), multiplied by 14 and divided by 0,453.

For example, for a girl who wants to have a weight of 59 kg, the DNA will be 1823.4 calories per day, etc.

– If you want to keep the weight at the same level (for women 20-30 years old, whose weight and height parameters are normal) DNA = your weight multiplied by 24.

– If you want to maintain weight, but want to take into account your height and weight in the calculation, to define more precisely DNA.

To do this, first of all, determine your metabolic rate: your weight multiplied by 9.6 to add your height multiplied by 1.8; and add your age, multiplied by 4.7; then add 655. After counting the result of your required multiplied by a factor of daily activity, which has the following characteristics:

  • Low activity (no training) – multiplied by 1,2;
  • Low Activity (exercise 1 to 3 times per week.) – Multiplied by 1,38;
  • Posting Activity (exercise 3 to 5 times) – multiplied by 1,55;
  • Increased activity (permanent, almost daily training) – multiplied by 1,73.

Do not forget that if you decide to lose weight, you must first reduce their rate of 200-400 calories per unit, no more, because a sharp decrease in calories can affect your well-being and cause the opposite effect. But this does not mean that these indicators should be strictly observed when losing weight. For each individual, and they are especially selected depending on your lifestyle and the number of kilograms from which you want to get rid of. In this case, it is best to consult with a nutritionist.

Therefore, to maintain health at the proper level, and to have the desired weight, you need to calculate calories and stick to it. In his diet, use the main rule – “do not overeat.” Compose a list of your daily food intake is not only based on personal preference, but also according to their calorie content. Learn how many calories and what food value in a particular product or a platter, you will table calorie products.

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