The range of effective exercises for the sides

Exercises from the fat from the sides is relevant to anyone who wants to lose weight, because extra pounds are most evident in this region. A set of exercises for the sides should be effective, because the problem is really complicated. On the sides, as such, absolutely no muscle. Therefore, to remove the sides, first thing you need to pay attention to the side muscles of the waist and hips. If you regularly work these muscles, when you exercise the fat from the sides will quickly leave.

You should Not use weight training, so Boca will not go away. It is better to perform a set of exercises for the sides, which has already been tested and allows to achieve the desired effect.

Exercise to burn fat on the sides

To create an effective load on the abdominal muscles and the waist, do not have to go to the gym. Exercises for the sides can be performed at home.

The Slopes. When you execute this effective exercise to work the sides oblique muscles of the waist that helps to fight against excess centimeters on the sides. So, stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Hands formed by the castle, and have his right hip. Then squat until until legs form a 90-degree angle. When straightening legs arms describe a semicircle over the head and move them to the left hip, while raising right leg bent at the knee, up to thigh level. Return to the starting position. The same is done for the other foot.

Job corps. Starting position – standing, feet on width of shoulders. The exercise is the following: you need to move the shoulders in different directions to the body stretched behind. But the lower body remains motionless, hands on the waist. This is a very simple and effective exercise to take sides.

The Bike. All known since childhood exercise. Do it lying on your back, arms along the body, palms can be put under the buttocks. Legs do intense circular motion, simulating Cycling. Exercise is most efficient to perform approaches for 30 seconds. Between sets recover breath. This is also a very good exercise for the sides, as it gives a good load on the waist area.

Side twisting. Lie on your right side, put your hands behind your head. Now simultaneously lift the foot and the body towards each other. In fact, you should reach with your elbow to the knee. The legs remain straight. Such twisting with small amplitude are also very efficient exercise to clean up the sides.

Exercises on the fitball

If you have a fitball (large soft ball), you can use it to gain slim. Here are effective exercises for the sides on the fitball:

  • Sit on a fitball, back straight. Begin the movement with the pelvis right and left. The housing remains in place. You should feel like working obliques.
  • on the Right side fall on the ball, the right hand put on the floor. Legs remain straight, the support goes on the outside of the right foot. Then raise your left leg up and return to the starting position. Repeat 15 times. The same is done for the right leg.
  • Lie on your back. Hold an exercise ball between your knees. Raise legs to 90 degrees. Then turn the feet together with the ball left and right. If the exercise seems difficult, you can start with the fact that you are lying on the floor, roll the ball in different directions, legs bent at the knees. Once you master the exercise for sides in the easy version, go to the complex.

Effective exercises for the sides on the exercise ball will result in several weeks. If you cannot exercise daily, do it at least every other day. Important here is the regularity and serious motivation. Best of all motivation is your appearance on the beach. Of course, all persons of the fair sex want to draw attention to themselves. This can be easily achieved with exercises for the sides. Your waistline will be slimmer, and thighs and buttocks tighten.

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